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Moving the HitTail Forum VMWare Session

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 05/02/2009

OK, I’m now copying a 7Gig file, which is the VMWare session that hosts the HitTail forum. It is a self-contained PHPBB/SQL Server VMWare appliance that we spun ourselves. I’m glad it’s self-contained, because all I have to do is move the session without worrying about machine dependencies for the database. Nice. Anyway, I shut down the VMWare session, and gave the IP to the host OS and set up a temporary maintenance website on Brain to deliver the forum maintenance message. So I even get to keep people informed. Nice. I ought to consider that for the client site Web user interface, which is currently down as well (the physical server is now unplugged). These mini breaks when I’m doing 7Gig file copies are great for blogging.

I used to have a nemesis at a previous company who wasn’t a programmer, but kept using the excuse for his involvement in a public forum as taking advantage of his down-time when he was compiling. But the rub was that his involvement was in a forum where prospective customers hung out, and he was mercilious in badmouthing the existing customers there in the “RTFM” fashion that old-school sysadmins tend to have. Everything is a “user stupidity error”. What he failed to realize is that all that downtime could have been spent much more productively making FAQs, Wiki’s, or simply re-answering everyone’s questions expiditiously and politely.