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Taking Control of my Journey

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 05/19/2009

As a college punk with it all together professionally, I used to think I was at the top of the Maslow pyramid of self-actualization. As time marched on, I realized that the hard blows life dealt to me riddled my perceptions with blind-spots that I am only now filling in as I approach 40. I’m actually much closer to the bottom, meeting my basic needs, and not fully in control of and satisfied with my life. I’ve got a hunger that needs to be fed by accomplishment. Posts like this help with the work.

Much of my life story is not sharable except maybe in memoir format after I’m dead. But by NOT examining my life so far with an objective lens, I cannot optimize it—and I have over half still to go. So I’m doing the next best thing, and turning this gestation phase of my life into performance art. I like to think of everything up to now in my life as like taking a deep breath for what’s about to come. I’m now equipped to climb my way to the top of that pyramid.

Every waking hour of every day should have documentation like this that contributes towards the performance and the climb.