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The Mike Levin Online Marketing Stack

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 05/10/2009

It’s time I started pulling my identity together online and lay the groundwork for “my thing” whatever that’s going to be. I’ve got tons of ideas. But there are the things I do for my main job and HitTail that shouldn’t excessively overlap. But SEO is my thing, so whatever I do for myself probably will involve SEO, but target a different market. I will probably fill in the parts of the formula, as it applies to 80% of the people trying to break out online, not addressed by HitTail. This is essentially the next evolution of my generalized system framework that I’ve been working on since 1997. It’s more than 10 years later, and I haven’t done anything significant with it. It’s time I do, but in an open source way that scales and creates a fierce community. So, I’m talking good architectural decisions, good implementation, and a generally high excitement level surrounding it—all the things I’ve wanted to do for years, but with the benefit of years in the trenches, personally dealing with massive scaling issues, and a philosophy of platform-agnostic design. In other words, whatever I create should be usable by billions of people for decades to come. Whether it actually becomes that or not is in my hands.

It actually all starts with a strong personal identiity online. People have to have a strong mental hook to hang my ideas on, and that’s miklevin.com. People expect serious ventures to occur on a dot com, and I’ve been using miklevin for email and other services for years, since I’m in competition with so many other Mike Levin’s. It’s basically always available, and close enough to Mike Levin, that it contributes a little bit on the SEO front. And personal identity comes first, because it’s an asset in life that can’t get taken away from you. It’s like reputation and earning capacity. Just don’t base your corporate identity on it, like Bruce Clay.

After choosing the domain, making the super-cohesive graphic comes next. I’ve got a lot to work with on this front, namely my Mike Levin ambigram, the fact I’ve already “done something” in creating HitTail, and that I’ve got many little online ventures going on. I have a number of things to consider leveraging to give me a headstart. So the visual will be a graphic with a series of text links underneath to work as tabs. One “big” version will go over miklevin.com, and a smaller version over every other site in the Mike Levin online marketing stack.

Miklevin.com HitTail.com TapPaw.com WomBait.com

I’m pushing 40, and it’s time to make my move now, or forever be working for people. My ability to pull this off requires a few factors to be true.

  1. It has to be AT LEAST as interesting as anything else going on in my life—and that’s including recreational activities. This means it must have an addictive quality capable of preempting other addictions. I must choose it first, and that includes over the awesome zoo I have going on at home.

  2. It has to contribute to my doing an even better job at my main job, where I am a non-programming PowerPoint-style SEO consultant. I always say I need to walk the walk in order to talk the talk, and this sort of work is exactly what MAKES me effective at the office.

  3. Things have to take care of themselves on the home-front. A day job plus intense entrepreneurial programming work, plus one more large responsibility is too much. Which makes it especially important to build momentum before I have a kid. I will need to get long stretches of time to do focused work.

  4. I will REALLY need to set up a home work area that is condusive to working. Right now, it’s a shared office with several features that prevent me from using it as a programming isolation chamber, but a programming isolation chamber is exactly what I need in order to acheive such lofty goals.