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Twitter vs. Tumblr vs. Something Homebrewed

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 05/02/2009

So I’m now using Twitter and Tumblr. And I have a legacy Blogger blog I haven’t quite given up on yet. And as a Web developer / entrepreneur wannabe, I want to create an in-home plug-and-play server that does much the same thing, but uses your home broadband and preserves your ownership rights to what you’ve published.

There are so many possible directions to go. Ease of use and jumping on the bandwagon of some other system vs. putting in some hard work and make the true “home publishing” ballywick my gig? I think there will always be more appealing gigs, and the already existing tools are just too darn convenient not to use.

So if it’s incredibly short, I’ll tweet. If it’s longer or has a photo, I’ll Tumble. Hmmmm this leaves the whole Blogger/Flickr thing (especially through PixelPipe) unused. Am I OK with that? Am I really switching? Has centralized microblogging won me over?

I think perhaps it has.