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Why Tumblr and not Blogger?

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 05/04/2009

OK, it was a pretty tall order to leave Blogger and Blogging out of the picture of my writing process. But truth be told, it never really set in as a solid publishing platform for me. I’ve been inconsistent. It’s not quite free-form enough, like Google Docs, to let me write anything anytime with total control of what gets published, what gets held back, making it all searchable, and supporting consistent refinement of key documents. Google Docs supports all that, and I’ve used it like 100x more than Blogger already in only the first few years it’s been out.

Microblogging on the other hand is only 140 characters, and completely inadequate for composing complete thoughts, and certainly can’t display the comic photos that I’m zeroing in on as my preferred method of lifecasting. I’m unlikely to ever lifecast in the oversharing, creepy privacy violating way that JustinTV encourages. But I’m totally able to do it through snapping photos and captioning them up. It’s more effective than pictures or words alone, because it captures that perfect moment in a very Haiku way.

And another important factor about the previous post of my writing work-flow is that the two Micro Blogging approaches employ iPhone apps (Birdhouse and Tumblr), which I have on the app doc so it’s always in my face. The other employs Office Desktop software that resides in the cloud. You can sit down and edit your docs from any online computer from today to your deathbead. These docs are (theoretically) always with you now for the rest of your life, AND they are accessible on your phone too (even if not editable yet).

One problem that exists, especially for me the creator of HitTail, is that Tumblr isn’t quite search optimized yet. Photos don’t appear to have an opportunity to add a titlte tag. They appear to use ONLY captions, which makes it great for quick easiy usability for 80% of the users. But the title tag is a necessary thing to control for optimizing a page. Oh well. Maybe I’ll just hound them a bit.