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Programming and SEO

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 08/17/2009

Sherlock Holmes was always characterized by Watson as being like a hound in pursuit of his quarry, determinedly following the scent. I get that feeling every time I’m programming and DOING THE RIGHT THINGS. Programming is most satisfying when you’re right at the edge of your comfort-level, and you’re starting to challenge yourself, but not TOO MUCH that you cause frustration. You’re on the scent, and each move forward takes you a bit closer, and you know it. This is what I huger for in my SEO career, which doesn’t quite get satisfied when I’m regurgitating the generalities that plague the industry. Getting that pedantic precision comes only with programming—asking BIG questions, and methodically pursuing answers through crawls, hitting APIs, and the like. It’s not quite the same as performing Google searches, but its similar enough to make me want to point out an article that Slate just ran http://www.slate.com/id/2224932/pagenum/all/on “Seeking” and the dopamine rush people get from performing searches, or simply “googling”. That’s where my programming motivation comes from—its definitely a dopamine rush, and then self-fueling momentum that arises from small successes.