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Out of The Box SEO

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 02/14/2010

I’m currently writing this on the open source WordPress app for the iPhone. My timing getting started with WordPress on the Thesis theme on a web host that automates server stuff with cPanel is interesting. I’m taking just about every shortcut possible to make an out-of-the-box search engine friendly site possible.

This is at the exact time I’m planning on making my next big thing on the Internet an old-school hard-core tutorial site about how to do that very same thing, but virtually from scratch, with no out-of-the box components–even databases or traditional programming languages, but rather with text-files and data transformations.

I was prompted to go the old-school route by my career in SEO, where I really have to know everything, and be able to walk the walk. Also, my switch off of Microsoft software and re-positioning onto Linux meant I was going to have to re-learn virtually everything, and provides great fodder for such a site. I figure if I’m going Linux, I’ll build up from scratch with a debootstrap install, using the most stripped-down and timeless stuff I can, making text editors like vim my tools of choice.

Running WordPress with all the bells and whistles as I am on this site is about as opposite of that old-school approach as it gets. But also due to my career in SEO and having to know everything, I also need to know the out-of-the box shortcuts. So I have bracketed my perspective.

On the one hand, it has become truly wonderful for the entry-level publisher as I am experiencing on MikeLev.in. And on the other hand, you can transcend all notions of what people generally think is possible and squeeze out true competitive advantage through a novell mastery of the machinery.

I’ll be taking both approaches, on top of maintaining Facebook and Twitter accounts, plus Tumblr and a few others that I will discuss more as we go. But I can see already, my cool new MikeLev.in domain dovetails extremely nicely with my desire to ramble on like this, with WordPress, and with the iPhone app. I am pleased with my second post, and first typing it in on a touchscreen. Wow, the iPad is going to be great for this.