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Caffeinated Music For an Adrenaline Rush

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 08/24/2010

I saw Despicable Me over the weekend with Rachel, intuitively knowing it was the type of movie that was made specifically for me. There could not have been a better match in life for me than this movie. It has all the elements of what I absolutely love and need in a movie, sharing that characteristic of so many books that I have read in my life that for which the timing of the reading selection seemed to be timed for me through providence. We were a bit late walking in, but thankfully I was sitting down as Gru was walking around his neighborhood for some bad-ass exposition. The music seized me immediately, as the type of ego-boosting, adrenaline-rushing music that I have begun seeking out to help me focus at work.

I’m listening to the Despicable Me soundtrack right now, and went on a sort of music buying binge–at least by my standards–getting a bunch of classics I’ve loved all my life, and have only ever had in the past through less auspicious means. When you’re willing to pay for music, it takes on a whole new level of ease and good feeling. I wish I was supporting the artists directly–but a lot of them are old TV classics. At forty years old, I am finally starting to discover my taste in music, and it echo’s my taste in drugs–caffeine, that is. After Despicable Me, that uncannily refers to steamrolling–one of my all-time favorite metaphors–I’ll be listening to:

The purpose of music for me seems to be to put me in a mindset of achieving great things, drowning out background noise, and getting and keeping my adrenaline pumping at a pretty consistent level.

This post is the next in the thoughts I began over here at my Tumblr site, MikeLevin.me where I was looking for feel-good caffeinated instrumental music to work as a practical alternative to white-noise. It seems that I am developing an ability to focus.