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Unboxing SheevaPlug (video)

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 08/26/2010

Well, here were are getting past the virtual part of our Linux indoctrination, and into hardware. And some kooky little hardware it is. There are tons of choices around, and x86 Intel loyalists will do everything within their power to convince you to get onto some ATOM-powered box at this point, but we’re going with ARM. Some minor reasons for this are that it takes half the power of ATOM (~5W vs ~10W), and is still cheaper (~$100 vs. ~$200).

But the major reason is to start getting heterogeneous with our hardware early, and start busting some vendor dependencies and get into the right mindset. In the end, the only thing that HAS to be there is the familiar Unix-like environment. We’re not even really loyal to our flavors, which happen to be the Debian distribution of the Linux operating system. We’re just using those for their conveniences, such broad hardware support driven by Ubuntu, easy installs via the apt-get package manager, and liberal licencing thanks to GNU.

And so without further ado, unboxing SheevaPlug…