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Everything you need to know about SEO and Social

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 02/01/2012

People aren’t stupid—or at least, people aren’t excessively stupid for excessively long. Such situations are self-correcting, and something always comes along to disrupt the status quo, and sweep out everyone and everything that isn’t suited for survival in the new order. That’s a damn shame, but it’s how nature works, and it’s how human nature works, and it’s how technology works.

If you kept this in mind, you wouldn’t have been harmed by Google’s year-or-so of going on the attack against spammers. You would have been using a strategy that was something other than transparently manipulative and no better than all of the other schlock on the Internet around you. In other words, you would have been taking a page from Seth Godin’s books and trying to be the best-in-the-world at whatever it is you do.

Each page you create on the Internet has to endeavor to be the very best page on that topic that was ever created. Such pages play well in SEO and social, no matter the landscape, no matter the algorithms, today and long into the future. That’s because plain old-fashioned word-of-mouth is still the most powerful force in the universe. It’s what Google was built on. It’s what Facebook was built on. And all these systems are just amplification and accelerator devices for what we as higher order monkeys do anyway—scream and point.

There it is. That’s all you need to know about SEO. Get good at what you do. Develop a unique voice that people like to listen to. Create new URLs sparingly, because each one is your baby and each one is going to take tons of work to elevate it to the first spot on the first page of results or go viral in the prattle-sphere, if it is even the least bit competitive. You’re welcome.