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Focus, Polish, Determination and Resolve

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 02/07/2012

I just updated my compatriot Adam on all the great updates to Tiger in preparing it for the public. He immediately went over to the documentation site. I’m going to have to go over that with a fine-tooth comb. There are probably even videos that should be updated. The coding-stuff that remains is becoming quite minimal. I need have slightly different behavior when you’re using the system from internal email addresses, or alternatively, internal bookmarklets. I’ll have to make that decision. But that will just be inserting a few if statements and alternative values here and there.

I have another x of y counter issue to resolve—on doing a normal crawl from scratch. The counter is one less in y than it needs to be. But if I adjust it, it’s one larger than it needs to be when not being performed from scratch. I’m going to need to identify the correct value to control this behavior. I’m using a variable called totalpages, but it’s not the correct one. What’s the difference between crawling from scratch, and re-starting from the spreadsheet? It’s not what I thought. I want to subtract one only when it’s a continuation. The answer is when totalpages = 0… no! The answer is when it is explicitly called through a particular path in the program that can’t easily be inferred. Okay, I have to pass one more argument. I hate doing that, but sometimes explicit controls are best.

Yesterday in a fire-drill, because of such heavy Tiger usage, I made sure the virtual machine was working and sent out an SEO Services-wide email reminding everyone they could grab and use the virtual machine. Part of the VM clean-up I had to do was get rid of the rsync technique of syncing folders, because my server situation is so dynamic, SSL keys keep going invalid. So, I switched it over to Mercurial repository pulls. It means that my latest experimental code-base will get promoted a lot, but that’s better than no updates a lot.

One of the benefits I should get of the VM being healthy again is the code-base getting distributed all over the place. Somehow the old VM lost its ability to run on Mac desktops (maybe the Lion upgrade?), but it’s running on PC desktops just fine—although my PC desktop is still XP. I will have to upgrade to Windows 7 at some point, just to make sure my TigerVM’s are really as robust as I think. Also, my new tiny virtual machine based on Tiny Core Linux works on the Linux desktop just fine, so I’m not too concerned. That old VM is just to bide time while I get over to the next generation of Tiger. Always keep some of those old VM’s running some places to distribute and secure the code-base!

But I get ahead of myself. Let me keep things moving as aggressively forward as possible. I just received some big productivity-nuking information today, that I’m going to be put back onto one of our large SEO accounts, that I haven’t been active on on months, and that’s going to take some attention away from Tiger. The coming weeks are really going to be a test of my determination and resolve.

But this is life.