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In and out of meetings all day, yet still producitive

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 02/09/2012

I have meetings intermittently throughout the day—exactly the thing to prevent me from descending into the zone or the flow. The day started out with a whopper of a meeting, and I have another coming up in 15 minutes, and more scattered throughout the day. And tomorrow, I have the Tiger meeting with the big-boss, to get the green-light, for which I should probably have a 2-screen presentation or so. Thankfully, the meeting is at 2:00 PM tomorrow, so I can slam a few slides together to give the big picture, conducive towards green-lighting the project.

I was highly impressed by the Neil Stephenson scifi book, Diamond Age, which I read as an epub on my iPhone, but then purchased the audio version over iTunes, so I could listen to it while doing housework at home. I also am “reading” it a second time as what I’m occasionally playing in my headphones at the office to keep focus. I’ve heard it all already, so it just sorts of drones on in the background with a nice English accent, reminding me how smart I need to be to stay competitive in the world. I don’t really need to play anything in the headphones—merely having them on has I believe the same effect as the zapping your mind into the zone, due to something like the Hawthorne effect.

Okay, so onto the task for the day. Things are nearly perfect in the technical workings of Tiger for the public. There are always additional precautions I could take. I have a global control variable. I removed it yesterday, just changing the crawl and row limits, if it’s a privileged email, but I’m putting the global control variable back in, so I can sprinkle in the logic.

Okay, but first fix the counter issue from yesterday. Zero in on where the counter is wrong. On the continuation of a crawl, it will go up to, for example, 101 of 100. The loop of a crawl continuation, when going up to the maximum number possible stops at the wrong point. This could be an artifact of two different upper-limits: the limit for the overall crawl, or the limit on the per-button-press. Figure out which!

Okay, it’s definitely on the upper-limit of the crawl, and not on a per-button-press basis. Consequently, we have to use the same control parameter I set up 2 days ago to get the per-button-press displayed counter.

…flash forward 1:25 PM. Lots of meetings. Turns out the insheet parameter is not necessary. I just had to TAKE OUT some old code that adjusted number of pages during a crawl conditionally. Now, all is well, except if you increase the crawl-count by only one.

Pshwew! Today is a great example of interleaving totally incompatible job responsibilities. It was really chuck full o’ meetings, but I still made it productive. I worked out the numbering issues of the crawl once and for all—I believe. Reva has done most of the edits to the documentation site. I will still have to go over it to make sure the private data is separated from the public data, and that it is all controlled by login, and that what’s given out as the public data is all correct.

I have some videos to create for installing the bookmarklet. I will do it for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. It will be the same script basically for each, and I will probably do the screen capture of my Macbook Air. I’ll have to look at the best Mac software for doing screen captures. And now beyond that, most of my work is going to be on Rackspace with a loadbalancer and server instances. I will set up a second server and a load-balancer on my personal account, at least temporally, to get the experience so when the overall project is green-lighted, there are absolutely no unknowns.

It’s now 6:00 PM. LOTs of meetings today, but none-the-less, pushed out the first big code-revision of Tiger in preparation for the public to the internal users. In other words, the people who already use Tiger are now using the version with all the changes I recently made, and there have been no outcries. That’s good. This is testing. I have to plan my next steps. Probably Rackspace administration stuff, and making tutorial videos.