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Grab Pinterest Pin Counts and LinkedIn Share Counts From Spreadsheet

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 04/04/2012

I lost a wonderful blog post from clicking the wrong place at the wrong time in my iPhone Notes app this morning on the subway ride to work—with a whole script for a video, and everything. The good news is that it has left me with a wonderful clarity of my next steps as the residue. It was worth it for thought processing alone, and I can jump right into things.

I already talked with Reva, who does the 360iTiger documentation site regarding communication channels. It’s all about building and delighting audience now, and my conclusion is that the video tutorials are the heart of the site, and that my script-writing and animating to them using Screenflow is key—as is having most user-content tied to the video pages as discussions. I also want to be able to take questions on the site, and organize them into an FAQ.

Okay, jump right into the video script. You lost a video script today, but it’s still fairly fresh in your mind.

Here’s the script. Narrate it today, and animate to it, and hopefully post the video tomorrow.


Hi, I’m Mike Levin, the creator of 360iTiger—a tool that crawls websites directly into Google Docs, grabbing Likes, Plus Ones and Tweet counts.

By now, a lot of you have tried 360iTiger and had that “Ah-ha!” moment―seeing how Web spreadsheets are totally underutilized… and perhaps, you’re hungry for more.

This video is the first in a series to build upon that initial Ah-ha moment, and empower you to perform your own investigations, either starting from a crawl, or from scratch.

The most important thing to realize at this point is that it takes TWO clicks of the bookmarklet to fill in your social media counters: one from the site you want to crawl, and again, from within the spreadsheet.

Notice the function name at the top of the column. That’s what we invoke to replace the question marks on the second click, for the URL listed.

If you wanted to start this from scratch without a crawl, you simply sprinkle the magic fairy dust onto your spreadsheet by inviting 360itiger@gmail.com into your doc.

So say for example, we now want to know how often a page has been pinned in Pinterest or shared in LinkedIn, we would simply add those function names to the top of the next two columns, fill in the question marks, hit the bookmarklet, and voila!

Huhhh, whaaa? Yep, it’s in there—but like everyone else—we have to be extra cautious about using API’s that are not yet official.

So, congratulations on being one of the early 360iTiger insiders. I plan to release a video like this every few days to reveal more and more about this wonderful tool, and how you can use it to enhance your day-to-day work, either for clients or for your own use.

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