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Mr. Mom For Four Days &The Master Key System

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 04/24/2012

Although my work journal takes place in vim, fact is my iPhone is always on me, and I have a 45 minute train commute. That’s great one-handed blogging time while I drink coffee. I played Mr. Mom to Adi for the past four days. I loved it. Two days were productive, getting the apartment in order. Two days were not—though, all the time was great with Adi. The take-away lesson is that, yes, there is plenty of time in the day for laundry and housework—but it requires planning, self-discipline and motivation. I was only able to muster it for 2 of the 4 days, and it’s back to work.

An important idea I’ve been nurturing is just getting my mind better organized, and how everything will follow. One’s method of thinking is quite important. I would go as far as to say that this is one of the fundamental principles of life, and how we’re different from animals. We can contemplate our own method of thinking, modify it, which affects all future thinking. Our brains are reflective. They are meta… like LISP. No wonder LISP is so big in artificial intelligence circles.

This self-referentiality is step #1 towards… whatever you want to call it—spiritual enlightenment, closeness to God—whatever. But certainly, it’s the first step towards merely thinking better—thus, all this journal writing. You can feel the seeds of mastery over ones own life being planted simply by starting to think this way. Then of course, you have to transition all that good thinking into doing, and have some real impact on the world. If you can’t, and don’t, then it’s time to evaluate the actual quality of your thinking.

Okay, yeah. This is Charles Haanel Master Key System shit, but that just goes to prove that good ideas keep getting spontaneously rediscovered. There are few original thoughts—only infinite variety of how they get put together and applied to your own unique situation in life. You’re either bullied by the chance situation life casts you into, or you use the force of your mind to figure out how you yourself are a force of nature, and precisely how you’re going to bully back the bully that is life.

This figuring out in-the-mind actually feels almost a physical, and sometimes violent process in your own mind. We all run little world-simulators in our own head with copies of our families and coworkers and friend and enemies and our entire social network and environments. We can run w hundred variations in just the time it takes to get to work in the morning. That is the power of being human.

Wow, I just got into the office, and ran the Mac Mail program, and clicked on Notes, and there was the whole note I’ve been writing on my iPhone in the subway, seamlessly sync’d, and ready to finish out and post. Wow, I have been looking for the seamless synced notes solution for like forever… much longer than the cloud becoming popular, and it just goes to show: if it’s a common problem, just wait long enough, and Apple will solve it. Of course, you have to buy into their tightly controlled digital eco-system, but for things like this, it’s worth it. The technical glitches of the alternatives are constant and critical.

Okay, do I just cut this journal entry now, and switch to vim? Yes! This is the rhythm-of-life, or at least the rhythm-of-my-days that I’m talking about. Get into good habits. use these habits as accelerators and facilitators of that greater internal organization and focus that leads to better impact on the world. I had the pleasant surprise of my monitors at the office finally being centered (mounted monitor arms) finally, so I can actually go back to my old way of working. I’ve been sort of working awkwardly with my monitors reversed since the move.

Okay, now off to work… off to vim…