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Forcing Myself Back Into "The Flow" by Documenting Top-Down

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 05/09/2012

Okay, it’s pretty obvious where my development work is going to lead me. I’m leaning heavily on Rackspace cloud servers right now, but I’m moving towards using and teaching people how to set up and use micro cloud servers. Almost friggin’ everything has the power to be one of these things today, with the ridiculous smartphone arms race, and it’s finally starting to trickle down to devices that you can slap onto a network and keep running with something akin to a static IP the way traditional servers work. This is perfectly on-plan, as these devices (and sometimes the virtual equivalents) ARE the FOSS platform of which I speak.

I’m so anxious to move forward on that front, and I can see from the search hits on my site that my readership is very hungry for more of that type of thing. But my primary responsibilities at my job trump what I would LIKE to do, so the idea now is just to make what I do for my day-job neatly dove-tail with my mission-in-life. And the first step with that I believe is to get 360iTiger smaller and better documented in prepartion for (hopefully) an open source port that takes Apache2 out of the picture, and sits just on Linux and Python, with Python’s built-in webserver. Clean existing code is a great first step, and that goes hand-in-hand with the documentation that everyone is now clamouring for. Such activity will also now help polish my vim skills.

Very interesting. I’m starting out just to do some documentation, but ended up putting in a default constraint for a directory when kicking off a web crawl from a location where it seems obvious to constrain the directory. That will actually be good. I think I may keep that and push it out with new changes. Also, I got rid of asking for someone you might like to share in during the crawl. No one actually did that at the time of the crawl, and removing it gets rid of one more thing to click before the crawl, and reduces things that need to be thought about in writing a terms of service agreement. This will very much encourage “spot checks” of a website, which makes the whole 25 page limit thing more sensible.

Okay, after such a long, hard process of re-immersing myself in the Tiger code, I think I finally have myself into it. The key was to just start documenting from the top-down, and fixing those little long-standing things that have been bothering me as I go. As I continue top-down in such a fashion, I should actually get through everything. Also, I’ve made so many little touches in the code througout the day, I would be crazy not to do a Mercurial commit so that I have the un-do capability. That also means that this is a good place for a daily work-journal cut-off and publish, which hopefully now gets me back into the flow.