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Deleting Animation Effects in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 08/01/2012

Wow, I had a few straight days to mostly focus, and this is the result. Massive forward movement. My hypothesis about focus and momentum isn’t simply a theory. If you can dig in and get into the groove… get into the zone… for a few hours straight, then a few days straight, you can make massive forward movement. I can not emphasize enough, the typical daily grind is the enemy to creativity and advancement. But I have to stay rooted. Take stock of what I still owe people on Tiger, and weigh that against the things you WANT to work on.

Well, having rolled out a few new features pretty aggressively lately, it’s important to test and stabilize. I increased the maximum number of rows from a thousand to five-thousand in order to run some internal jobs we’ve got going here. I haven’t fully split internal from external behavior, and I urgently need to do that. Also, I have a request regarding Author influence investigations, both from a reporter in the SEO space, and from a sister Dentsu agency. That’s feeling pretty important… but let me go on. I finished the Flickr functions, but there’s still a few more from Danielle that are outstanding.

I’d LIKE to implement JQuery support at this point because its so similar to the JSONPath work I just did, but really that’s gratuitous at this point, as XPath will cover most cases. Keep it in mind. Keep everything in mind. We are pretty close to doing a refresh to the to-do list that’s built into Tiger. The Road-map, such as it were. There’s also moving the Pinterest and Foursquare functions over to ezscrape. Oh, there’s also the request to make the webcrawl itself use RegEx to control what parts of the site get recorded. That’s pretty complex, because you also have to record everything else you visited. I actually have that record-keeping ability. It would just be a mess to use it this way. But give it a fair look. I can see the utility in it, to do aggressive ferreting out of things from a site. Oh, and there’s updating the Tiger virtual machine on the network, now that I added a new dependency outside the distributed version control system.

Then there is the fact that I need to be ready for the Future of SEO lesson video shoot for tomorrow. I should go do a few practice runs in a room somewhere before tomorrow morning. Any last-minute deck tweaks, and sending it out to Adam and Tim. I’m pretty friggin happy with my deck. A nice piece of prognostication if I do say so myself. Is it up to snuff with my 2009 deck?

Ugh, okay, there’s enough annoying-ness about Powerpoint that I have to give that my focus for the rest of the day. It’s 4:20, and I have until 6:00 before I head out. And I do the shooting pretty early tomorrow. Then I have my performance review for my job. And then I have to get ready to leave for Colorado for like a 7:00 AM flight tomorrow, where I’m taking my 20-month old on an airplane for the very first time. This is going to be a busy few days. I can’t put extra pressure on myself, so lay off Tiger for a bit. Let the latest code-push prove itself stable. Keep yourself available for any reports of problems that come back. Revel in how awesome its going to be now that ezscrape officially supports JSON API’s without having to use Regular Expressions.

Take a copy of the current 360iTiger Road-map with you to Colorado. Send it to your phone, so you can just sort of ruminate over it. Let your subconscious work on this thing for awhile… or at least until Tuesday.

Powerpoint, Powerpoint… how I despise you. Let’s figure out how to turn off left over line transitions from the template deck… yep, everything has changed again since the last time I did this sort of thing. Get my most important keyboard shortcuts down for Powerpoint.

Command+Enter = start presentation from current slide

Ugh, It took me like 20 minutes to realize that to remove an animation from an element, you have to select the element, select the Animations tab in the Office ribbon, then click the little number on the object that appears, which represents the animation order… and then press Delete… Ugh!

Okay, cut journal entry, email myself the 12MB PowerPoint file for practice at home, and call it a day.