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Tablet Form-factor Matters — I’ll take all three

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 08/15/2012

One-handed typing (with coffee in the other) is possible on the iPhone, but not the Nexus 7. I’m typing this on the NYC subway right now—Nexus 7 relegated to a coaster. But when I read books, up comes the Nexus 7—which is usually on me these days, whereas the iPad isn’t. The iPad I use as a sort of Wacam tablet for animated whiteboard recording. Earlier this week, I had to work on a PowerPoint on the train, and carried my laptop to-and-from work for the first time in months. Form factor matters.

But which one do I do sketching and art on? All three—with almost exactly the same software: Sketchbook Pro. Thank you Autodesk for doing such a great job with Photoshop-like software in mobile!