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I am a professional rabbit-hole depth checker

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 07/29/2013

Good morning, Monday Morning. How much control over the media content you have to share determines your power and fortune in the new economy. This post shall be public, because public-journal posts are more valuable to me than most of the details of what I do daily. Right now, I’m catching miscellaneous projects. I have to be temporarily passionate about things that would make most people want to shoot themselves out of boredom on inability to grasp complexity. I welcome that shit. I love it. I live for a big wave of “what-the-hell?”

Okay, so here’s the thing you need to know. Facebook is a master at information silo’ing. Do a status-update post. Set the permission to public. Share it. Okay, no go try to find the URL for that status update so you can tweet the URL to your audience on that channel. Not so easy, huh? That’s social media information hoarding. That’s a party guy who brought the beer trying to keep you interested in what’s going on at the beer party, when much more interesting things are starting to go on. I’m so going to be a Google Helpup Guy. In fact, I’m going to go register that stuff right now.

BAM! Oh, this is as big as SEO, in it’s day! The thing with SEO is that the world wasn’t digital enough! Representations of reality were seeping onto the Net in drips and drabs. No one “got it”, and everything had to be reconstructed into HTML in order to be even slightly searchable. Then PDF’s got picked up. And now, video is being transcribed, but the transcription of information shot and captured as video probably sucks. What does a dog riding a skateboard “say” so that you’d find him searching for a dog riding a skateboard? It’s the dog skateboard prize in search. Solve it, and AI-agents won’t be far behind.

Yeah, so prepare for a world where there will be AI-like agents - they are computer programs with friendly representations that make them feel “alive” to us, tending our children while mothers turn their back to answer the door. In other words, prepare for a world in which we trust our children to machine servants. And yes, I just started reading the Ray Kurzweil how to create a mind book, but I am also desperately figuring out how to apply these things in my immediate life for my work as an internal prototyper. This role will transform into something much more like marketing. Someone reminded of the name Hari Seldon the other day. I laughed! Who was that? I will edit this later to give him/her credit. This is indeed small-scale psychohistory per Asimov’s Foundation Series. I’ve fixed in on Vinge and Rainbows End, but on a pure information-meaning and miniaturization standpoint, Asimov nailed it. While the picture isn’t precisely crystal-clear, given a keen mind, and fundamental no take-back discoveries resulting from mind-experiments (of the likes of the Atomic Age), we can think our way to an actually BETTER life! Nihilists be damned! I have the advantage of thinking for my career.

And so goes the beginning of my Monday Morning journal entry. I think I will cut it and publish it here. Because this is the motivation with which I am about to tackle a problem that popped-up by Twitter requiring authorization to scrape results - even if you’re using an API. Call it what it is. If you’re not displaying advertising carried on the tweet-stream in a format that could work and send call-to-action feedback, then you’re a resource-consuming liability. This is the effect that I’m fighting with some of the social media counter collectors. There’s a peaceful co-existence with any counter tied to an anonymous chicklet counter next to a share/like/pin/+1 button.

Oh, and one final note. In my new role here, I’ve had mixed success. I feel it takes too long to get to certain results, and I am sure I will be called out on it. I have to have my thoughts crystal-clear. I have been working greatly in a linear serial fashion: first one prototype, then the next. And sometimes after 3 weeks, I come back and say its not doable. But that opinion comes after acquiring a bunch of human relationships and concessions because to do it, I have to go to people who hold the keys to certain kingdoms. And then, once I had a good look in those kingdoms, I don’t like what I see. I could talk for hours on that, suffice to say, I could have done that in parallel with 2 or 3 other projects, and to some extant actually did. So, it’s a process of discovery in a new role, and coming up with better systems and workflows. My boss putt it to me succinctly and in my language:

I have to be better and faster at checking the depth of the rabbit hole. He’s right. I chalk that up to re-immersion in the actual of doing of stuff finally again. That in itself is its own skill, which I am once again getting up to speed on, after a long hiatus in a particularly well-keyed career to that set of abilities, called SEO, but which is going under seismic shift in such a way, that as a family guy that HAS to keep earning, the less risky option is to get out of that box.