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From Levinux to Meaningful Python Project ASAP

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 08/06/2013

Note: This is another long, rambling, edge-of-nonsense stream of consciousness thought of the type I publish in my daily work journal that I do in order to navigate through extreme uncertainty, and prosper. Turn back now! I warned you.

Things move forward in life strangely. What you (I) need seems to come to me when I need it. The project I attempt, and the reasons for attempting it, and the lessons learned from having been through all that are always interesting, and often a bit elusive to even myself. But they always feel right. I’m no Jeff Bezos or Larry or Sergey. But I…

Ideas worth spreading. TED is my vector. Make yourself TED-worthy. Yeah, there I said it. Do some coding that can change the world. Make it a curriculum for kids. Use your latest crunch-time assignment. Make yourself passionate about it. Do it your way. It is a Tiger-project by definition, but is very different. It is the transposing of lumps of Tiger code BY DEFINITION. It is almost Tiger 2.0… which I will rename Tyger.

I am listening to Jeff Bezos talk now at http://www.ted.com/talks/jeff_bezos_gifts_vs_choices.html

Fascinating. I am at this very moment hearing him relate a childhood experience about calculating how much life his grandmother is chopping off her life by smoking. He figured out how many years it was, and blurted it out to his grandmother. He then built up the suspense to what his grandmother’s and grandfather’s (subsequent) reaction.

We are at the most fascinating time in all human history. We are potentially of the most interest to all future generations. Darwin, Einstein, and folks like that happened against all odds of the mostly-physical-world (pre information-age). He then builds up to his idea for Amazon (for books), described it to his boss, who said it was a good idea… and a better idea for someone who didn’t already have a job. Don’t be haunted by a decision to not try at all. He took the less-safe path to pursue an idea that was aligned with his passion, and he’s glad he made that choice.

I think I love Jeff Bezos. I will not let inertia be my guide. I will follow my passions. I will be original. I will work in service and pursuing adventure. I will stand up to criticism and my convictions. I will make good when I am wrong. I will act when I fall (fell) in love. I will not play it safe. I will be a little bit swashbuckling. I will never give up, and I will be relentless. I will not be clever at the expense of others. I will be kind.

In the end, we are our choices. Build yourself a great story.

My story right now is one of computer literacy. Of Python as natural as a native spoken language. Of being able to work at a level of abstraction LOWER than all my peers who work in Microsoft Word to “build prototypes” The purpose of this journal entry (series of journal entries) is to condition my mind to be in a state where I can take on this new nature of work - the connecting of a few dots I have been reticent to connect… Tiger and Levinux… now Tyger and Levinux. Together at last! Be a bit boisterous and public in your coding. Make a little show of it. Make Tiger 2.0. Make Tyger… the first open source git project on Levinux. Then truly open source Levinux under GPL 2.0 when you’ve built enough of the direct abilities, or wrapped enough interested and like-minded helpful collaborators into your sphere.


-——————————————————————————- Tue Aug 6 09:55:04 EDT 2013 I got to Tuesday, and I am still aware of the last time I publicly posted from my work journal, since it was still so recent. This is your best way to life-hack your life forward: Robert Cialdin’s principles of persuasion book, Influence. Influence YOURSELF to do things with publicly stated and actually likely to be read statements of your intent and belief. Once you go on the record about what you believe in, and what you plan on doing, then you are more likely to stay consistent with your stated image of yourself. Make the reality actually match up to the stories people read about you. Stories became all through history and pre-history. It is a fuzzy line between pre-history and history. First, there’s the written word. And later, comes the slightly more objective audio-recording. Later still, comes the highly objective pinpoint-sized 3D multispectrum scopes. Someday after that perhaps maybe someday is the Higgs Boson partial view of the world. That’s objectivity. You can never prove something is right. You can always just collect evidence in that video-capture (or whatever) of what is wrong. What is wrong is a “spun” reality done with only historic methods (the written word and drawings), and only now is the next level possible: always with photos, videos, and audio recordings. The ways to make such apparatus infinitely small and undetectable while still having high quality experience-capture ability across most audio and light-light spectra. That will always have a market, because those are the objective-reality content-collectors that make all that is digital history - captured and encoded for future generations… and sometimes not.

So, the life-hack here is to

-——————————————————————————- Mon Aug 5 09:39:41 EDT 2013

You are SOOOOO on the right track with what you are doing. This journaling at work, in such a way as to make it as publishable as possible, doing it in the vim text editor in the Tiger code in a distributed revision control system, publishing what I can with python scripts that plug into WordPress, piping the data with sed to strip double-line-returns through fmt to wrap paragraphs up to a maximum width of 2500 characters (the max). The end result, is a very 80-column as-if-telepathically controlled text. I so see that this is one step towards mental narration. Do you just record a simulated version of what word that is you would have spoken (wrong level of abstraction / too many dependencies to express thought) OR do you record a written-word as an in-your-head 80 column text-editor with full editing capabilities can capture it? Yep, that’s it. But it’s not every mind that will be able to do this. The future is going to be split between those who can narrate ala the written-word in their minds, versus those who only capture all the visual-language (video, audio) arbitrarily caught by personal life-casting recording cameras and microphones hidden on their body. They are not going to be as in-control of their lives as those capable of narrating their life in their head, committing it to the permanent record (either personal or public or some split of both) in a Wonder Years / Scrubs / Arrested Development life-self-narrating style. Voices like Ron Howards’, Daniel Sterns’ and Zach Braffs’ will be the most valuable cash-register sound in the future, because along with a self-narrated life, comes a remarkable amount of organization and control over your own life, should you choose to exercise it. Why? Because narrating your own life is exercising your brain… and then actually editing the text in your own brain, organizing it into text files, and some system you can actually use and gradually improve and evolve over the years, will gradually give you an advantage that the greatest thinkers in the world never actually truly fully had: full, instant, accurate recall annotated with all sorts of photos, videos, and maybe even recorded sound or physical events conveyed through haptics or light sensory induction.

Okay, okay. What next? Next is BE PRODUCTIVE. The thing you are preparing for is the re-evaluation of your role, considering what you now know regarding the new big boss, the departure of an old big-ish boss, an immediate boss with certain ideas who is giving me lots of opportunity, and my most optimized path through life. One of the things that will always be held against you (me) is that you’re (I’m) actually thinking. You’re thinking what’s best for your family and yourself. You’re thinking what’s best for the immediate company you work for, and you’re thinking what’s best for even the new parent company to that. And it’s all in that order. My loyalties bubbling up are to Rachel, Adi and the family unit we’re growing that includes our dog, cats and other pets. We are now a legit tiny tribal unit that could travel and take all that matters with us wherever we want to go and try to stakeout a life. But we’re in Manhattan in a neighborhood called Inwood, which is magical, if not a little wild (truly in a wilderness sense - in MANHATTAN, if you can believe that). I absolutely love my neighborhood. It’s a hidden gem that isn’t done justice by the Neighborhoods of New York books, because it’s never-gentrified always handed between different cultural populations, the Pre-Columbian woods, no big tourist draw closer than The Cloisters mix of brownstones and actual little houses fully equipped with garages and the accompanying people who got in really early when such houses were cheap but dangerous to walk out of due to the crack era, but are now sitting pretty, and some Broadway-workers-that-derive a similar sense-of sometimes-snobish but just as oftenly awesome-self sense that the neighborhood projects.

Oh yeah, back to productivity! Slam out that vendor directory, and in doing so, more-or-less take over the Explore Blog, which has been getting a bit crusty lately. Looking at the Confluence enterprise wiki from Atlassian makes me appreciate WordPress all the more. How could people go with non-open-systems these days that don’t have an easily accessed marketplace for plugins, with lots of competition that fills in a bunch of free and open source versions of frequently used stuff? In fact, even if it’s not free, it’s still open source because it’s PHP, and the money you have to pay, like say for Gravity Forms, for example, is about $200 for lifetime developer rates. It’s a good business model, and the kind of stuff that just simply doesn’t exist so readily and low-friction in the Atlassian Confluence world. Atlassian… ha ha! Aslastresort Confusian, is more like it. Yeah, yeah, templates and spaces and space templates. Found ‘em. Proposed ‘em. Always shot down because of a strange “don’t pollute global search for everyone” criteria, coupled with an “isolated vendor-only-search” criteria, with a directory view, and data-entry without back-end management permissions, and perhaps an approval system… oh, and logic to change the forms as the data is going in, based on your selections as you go. Can you do that all in Confluence? And can you do it really quick, and without it being a big programming task? Uhhhhhh. No. It can ALL BE DONE, but it is a big task requiring deep knowledge of the internals of Confluence, and the overriding of the default search behavior, hitting internal API’s (which is no problem), but knitting back together the default search for everyone, but a special permissions-and-parameters-based sub-search system for people who need to search vendors. And it’s got to be done in a language you hate that’s full of holier-than-though compsci snobs (Java).

Get productive very soon, but still capture this last thought:


I am not a document-producing wheel-spinner. I am a doer. I am an implementer. This is a better way, because actually doing 2 or 3 different ways becomes no harder than writing up a document in Microsoft Word. If everything were in Tiger, and I were even more of a master of the Tiger code, the Linux platform, the Python language, the http protocol, and XML and JSON and Regular Expression manipulation on top of all that, then maybe I could do things in a day that actually work in less time than going through a Microsoft Word document. The process is one of encoding. Are you encoding for communication in an executive meeting (the argument made to me), or are you coding for actually starting to use on a day-in, day-out basis, and to have communication start coming up from the trenches about how the world has now changed? Yes, I chose that later vision. That’s for me. I’m a change-the-world from the trenches sort of guy, an not a “build consensus” then rely in infinite nested dependencies that you don’t control to get things done. I know things CAN work that way. It’s just that they don’t work that way for me.

It has once again been put to me that in SEO, I reached the ceiling of where I can go, but in tech, the headroom over me is way up here. It’s just another condescending tech who hasn’t properly contemplated what I have accomplished versus what they have personally accomplished, and derives some sense of self-superiority in a reality that doesn’t exist. They talk and manage documents and people. I DO. Doing is better. I did the remarkably ahead of its time Scala, Inc. business system that dragged a bunch of people around the world to proper behavior to generate sales and more tied-to-customer needs product-development. I built HitTail.com at Connors Communications. Then, I built 360iTiger. Then I built Levinux. What has he done besides manage teams that got things done sometimes for customers and sometimes internally? Those types of folks only know and trust their way of doing things, and it makes them feel important. Well, truth be told, my way makes me feel important too. Difference being, my sense of importance derives from actually being able to do a thing, and all the hands-on experience of exploring different ways. Theirs comes from maybe having done that sort of things once in their lives, and still sort of remembering the feeling, and believing they really know what’s going on when people who work for them report back about obstacles they’ve encountered and such.

Okay, really got to get productive soon. Get to the next step, get to the next step. It’s really brilliant doing this sort of writing in journal.txt, while the code for Tiger can be open right next to it. I would be a nitwit to throw everything that is tiger out the window. Maybe I’ll even stay on Mercurial hg… hmmmm. Maybe I’ll do a one-time convert of the entire hg history into git, the way

-——————————————————————————- Thu Aug 1 12:55:22 EDT 2013 I have a meeting coming up about Kiwi integration with Tiger. It is mostly an exploratory meeting, I believe. But there is a movement afoot to unify Tiger