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Tiger Tyger Burning Finally… unification of 2 systems

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 08/13/2013

Rules governing organization of information and things is one of the most important concerns of the human animal. Organizing stuff sets us apart. All that discussion of what it is to be human that keeps getting over-ruled by observing it in nature - such as tool-use, language, transmitting information over generations (monkey rain dances), it always keeps zero’ing in on macro-effects of the same tendency in life and particularly in humans - to collect and organize.

With animals, the collecting and organizing [always?] takes the place of organizing things in the environment. Not always, because with monkeys doing different tribal rain-dances, they are organizing the manifestations of feeding a primal hunger - dance as a “best-I-can-offer” testament to the awesomeness and unfathomable nature of nature. Well, it’s only unfathomable if you don’t have a sufficiently large cerebral cortex and situation in life to nurture its state, such as human beings do.

Well, humans can offer better when that wonder-of-nature is felt. Humans can dive deep and explore. But what good is exploring if you’re not recording? And what good is recording if you’re not also distilling it down into the awesome and compelling story that is you? Well, Steve Jobs did a wonderful experiment in making sure his final days were recorded not as an autobiography or memoirs, but as a professional biographer with a reputation as being semi-hostile in criticalness. And per his talent, he made it media you bought… often, through Apple. Brilliant.

Anyway, quite the opposite to Steve Jobs’ choice is readily available to many people in the form of camera-phones and eventually, devices like Google Glasses. But it will be just an objective lens viewpoint being recorded, and not the thoughts and tale of the experience as organized thoughts being captured, interpreted and encoded into sentences and words and phonemes and symbols and strokes and vector motions and more easily fractal-compressed and recorded for playback cross-referenced memories that were not your experience… legacy.

I’m simultaneously reading Ray Kurzweil’s How to Build a Brain book, and re-reading Isaac Asmimov’s first book in the Foundation series. I’m also doing the next revision of one of the various joyful programming frameworks that I’ve developed over the years. It all comes together with so many connections firing, that I’m recognizing the pattern in my head of these links firing. Actual physical locations whose activators can often be hit spot-on, depending on the resolution, clarity, and all-around well-worn firing pattern of an often-activated recognizer. We are now at the point where thought experiments can more or less let us “see” much of what’s going on with our memory now to the point where actual real-seeming experiences will be able to be “hacked” into our memory. Another thing Vernor Vinge’s Rainbows End predicted - SO closely aligned with Kurzweil’s predictions. The scifi and compsci interpretations of similar thoughts.

Okay, even just the fact that I’m making these observations and using even just snippets of what I learn and think in my day-to-day work probably puts me lightyears ahead of the competition with the thought-experiments that are going to be necessary to conduct in order to be the masters of tomorrow’s world. Today’s computers play off very binary effects of statefulness. Meaningful computing need not - and probably mostly does not - need to be binary. Setting off an iterative (dare I say “recursive”) cascade of firing off vector-links to identify and activate nearby higher or lower-level nodes. And so on. Macro-effects of chemistry and electromagnetism are the only laws that need be understood - at least to hack. Mike Rowe - narrate that!

I must encode this all in a much simpler to digest-and-absorb form. I guess that’s what Moses did with the Bible. A few awesome thought-experiments that put him in touch with something higher. Transcription and encoding where analogies and exaggeration are perfectly acceptable artistic encoding liberties to keep the most critical core coding bits in tact. Parting of the Red Sea and such.

Now that we’ve peeled away so many layers of what we know, yet binary systems remain our most useful information organizing tool, we must live within those limitations as individuals. Others doing whacky research into more vector and connection-based models maybe can have wackier thinkier tools. But you and I? We have to live with our glorified calculators… to get places that the illuminated connections thus-far in our lives would never arrive at in its own lifetime or entirely on its own… Maybe.

Well, as-of today it’s as simple as this. All subsequent steps in my daily work take place in public in github, whether that fact is discovered or not. It’s going to be interesting. And I have to get moving fast! A next-level example of commitment and consistency. I don’t need to invent a step-by-step way to document and record what I did in my coding system. Distributed revision control has already done that. The rest is design decisions in how to build-up the code. How much of the sausage factory to reveal. The answer? All of it, BABY!

The actual Tiger code… never. But it’s right here in the same folder as the Tyger code… which is open sourced. Tiger is proprietary and Tyger is open. They are different projects, though I admittedly will be borrowing code from one for the other. But not much. Mostly functions I borrowed from the Internet at-large anyway to get individual look-up functions working. Big chunks of Tiger will never come over - like site-crawls, free-form function picking by naming spreadsheet columns, and all the rest that is uniquely Tiger… until maybe it’s time to slap that as an alternative compatible UI on Tyger.

But I get ahead of myself. Code must be slammed-out, and the motivational big-picture thought-work behind today’s coding is done. Now, just the actual direct coding thought-work must be done. Cut journal! Publish. Nice. I’m sincerely sorry to anyone who is reading this.