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Can Google Glass be used to correct vision?

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 09/11/2013

No. Here’s the problem: Google glass is designed with a certain philosophy and pragmatism. They are NOT intended to superimpose a sort of virtual reality reminiscent of the first Terminator movie. Google Glass is much less suitable for what people call augmented reality that you might at first think. They only provide a little dashboard of information in the outer reaches of your focus-able field of vision. That is, it DOESN’T superimpose over your normal vision. You have to sort of glance up to see it… much like you would glance down at a car dashboard. In fact, I think Google chose upper-right so as to not interfere with HUD-space (heads-up display space) that was already occupied by other frequently used systems. So unless you’re an airplane pilot, Google Glass gives you a “readout on life” that’s strategically placed so as to NOT interfere (and therefore have no visual vision-corrective value (bat-like/Daredevil-like sonar sound-vision is another story entirely)).