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Personal Work Journal for Life Optimization - Making Every Day Count!

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 09/17/2013

Hello World! That’s a great way to open my personal work journal entries each day. It’s a genuine proclamation and reminder that I intend to publish - especially now that I’ve got my slick script. I can improve my script over time with feedback if you invoke it with no parameter. This is VERY cool.

I wish the following vim keystrokes were easier: [z (last spelling mistake), ]z (next spelling mistake), z= (followed by number selection and Enter to do a word-replacement) or alternatively just to do 1z= (when you know the first recommended spelling will likely be correct). Using vim is increasingly supposed to be like telepathy-text connection. You think it and it pours out on screen. You visualize edits you wish to perform (move sentence, format list, etc.) and it’s done almost as fast as you visualize it, because your subconscious knows the vim-language. Your hands just carry out the transparently flowing keystrokes - much like speaking.

When you spell subconscious, don’t drop the second c. I use it all the time, and that’s what I do almost every time. I needlessly lose time spell-checking it. And while it’s also good to spell-check fast, it’s still much better yet to spell correctly in the first place. So, my self-improvement monitoring task on each iteration of this experience is to notice the misspelling demon I’m invoking, and talk myself through its remedy. Speaking of misspelling, that’s a word I often misspell. So, just remember it is 2xS and 2xL even when INGing it. So, in CamelCase, that would be MiSSpeLL. Don’t miSSpeLL misspell.

Focus, focus, hocus pocus. You work your hocus pocus when you focus. All other times, YOU LOSE! So, focus, fool! It’s 9:20, and you have a miraculous wide-open day ahead of you. You do have your responsibilities, but that’s what you need to think through. This is where the separation of church and state on my daily work journal resides. I will continue with the publishable bit, until I reach a proprietary bit, then I will stop-and-publish before I go proprietary.

In this way, I delineate between (there’s a “line” in delineate - it’s NOT deliniate like it sounds) for-your-ears and NOT for-your-ears, but in my records, it’s one smooth, continuous single-file journal in a DVCS for seeing how it evolved. And so goes my morning entry prior to figuring out:

1. What’s most broken. 2. Where do I get the biggest bang for the buck? 3. What plates need to be spun?

This 3-step procedure is my recurring every-morning at work self-navigation system. I simply know what to do, why to do it, and ultimately how to do it to the point I can do it hands-on if I had to. THIS is my passion - living life in a continuously optimized way - optimizing for happiness, financial security, and just all-around awesomeness - especially where it comes to my wife, child and family. It’s all about caring passionately, having a fairly clear vision of where you intend to be going, and pursuing that vision with a sort of persistence and intensity that can… well, drive you to have a morning process like this so that you know the day will count.