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I currently carry: Google Glass, Note 3, Kindle Paperwhite and iPhone 5s

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 04/18/2014

I’m going to try one handed typing on my Note 3. Now that I have Google Glass, I have too many things to keep charged with overlapping functionality. I crave consolidation but each device has a sweet spot I love that the others don’t. The Note 3 allows stunningly accurate drawing and is reconnecting me with my visual thinking doodling roots more import now than ever with a 3-year-old daughter who I want to pass that trait onto.Google Glass, Kindle Paperwhite, Galaxy Note 3, iPhone 5s

Google Glass is a speculative investment into the future. I forsee it being my main idea-capture device. For anything visual, I can take a picture or shoot a short video. For quick “written notes” when I don’t mind talking to myself, the speech-to-text will suffice. But on the subway or long-form writing will be a challenge. I wish for sub-vocalization as imagined by Orson Scott Card in Enders Game, but am not sure if the hardware in Glass is up to the task, but this is something I would like to try.

Verner Vinge imagined something similar with silent texting I’m Rainbows End. You can already receive messages invisibly with Glass, but being able to compose and send responses is a killer app waiting to happen. I’ll be starting my simple Hello World app with the Glass Development Kit (GDK) shortly. I’ve already played with and am unimpressed with what they call the Mirror API. My apps need to work offline on the New York subway.

The other two devices I carry now are the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite and my old iPhone 5s. The Note 3 has a large enough screen to read books on, but the reflective (vs. emittive) screen of the Paperwhite truly is a better reading surface, and your eyes tell you so after hours of reading. And I amazingly only have to charge it once a week. So the most prime target for consolidation due to overlap with the Note 3 is actually the least likely to go away. Mikey likey eInk displays. And that 6-inch form factor and impossibly rugged construction slips so easily into jeans pockets surviving the rigor my first - generation Google Nexus 7 couldn’t survive. I cracked its screen in the first few weeks.

Finally, there’s my beloved iPhone 5s. I’ve been an Apple fanboy since they switched to Unix and had every new iPhone on the firsy day of of the first model, and every model thereafter. I bought into Apple’s hype regarding the finger print password, and indeed it’s awesome. Combined with the tight lock-down on the entire platform via iTunes, the App Store and the whole sandboxing isolation of data, the iPhone is the “vault” of the tablet devices. It’s miniscule size also plays into this making it another device to also have on you, leaving only the charging process as the overhead cost. Anything secure goes in there. Remote wipe via login attempts or “find my phone” adds even more confidence. Truly, I could make Android work this way—especially the next model Note which is rumored to have the fingerprint tech. With this very article, I’m trying to break myself of my one-handed typing addiction, with coffee in one hand and iPhone on the other sitting and tapping out these thoughts on the subway.

And so there you have it. Three devices on me all the time, three addictions. The fourth now being Google Glass, and having to round up a fifth device at the office to take a picture for this article!