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Modern Tools Versus Old Skool, And The Rest Of My Life

by Mike Levin SEO & Datamaster, 04/24/2014

Okay, everything is percolating in my mind, and it’s time to connect some dots. I don’t want to try to kill too many birds with one stone, or I won’t get anything accomplished. But likewise, I can’t have three or four separate endeavors, or will only have the time to focus on one, and will miss opportunities for cross-pollination between projects and finding interrelationships and efficiencies. All my projects are equally important. They are:

Modern Tools Versus Old Skool

  1. My day-job – I work at an awesome place, and they carved out an awesome role for me. I can’t let them down. I have to deliver my assignments on-schedule and exceed expectations.
  2. Levinux – Of all my endeavors over the years, teaching people to program with a minimalistic old-skool approach has been most popular, and promises the most social good.
  3. My daughter – I want to equip Adiella to excel and be happy in life. To that end, without being overbearing, I want to always be nearby with something fun, interesting and worthwhile to offer.
  4. Google Glass – I missed the boat on many past platforms. This time I’m ready. I only need to figure out how to synthesize it with and make it coexist with my old-skool Linux approach.
  5. Journal App - I’ve been a journal-keeper almost my entire life. This is the killer app I intend to create that ties it all together: Levinux vs. Glass, old-skool vs. modern, private vs. public.

And there you have it. That’s the best most concise summary of my percolating thoughts. This ties just about everything together in one neat package. It gives me my purpose in life for the rest of my professional career (probably about 20 more years), whether I continue working for the man (now a woman) or strike out on my own someday. This is a plan that fits all circumstances, with divergent lines of interest converging ever closer, solving not only my own problems, but the barely seen pain-points of countless others out there, whom as they discover me over the years will be pulled in as part of a tribe.