Future-proof your skills with Linux, Python, vim & git as I share with you the most timeless and love-worthy tools in tech through my two great projects that work great together.


  1. Craftsmanship With the Fundamental FOSS Fabric of Technology (Mon Oct 02, 2023)
    I discovered the timeless value of technology when the Amiga computer I loved disappeared. I've since learned to focus on the 'low-level' parts of the stack that don't change as rapidly, such as Linux, Python, and vim. I've found a way to stay engaged and productive, while also developing a deep understanding of technology and a sense of mastery. I'm exploring the implications of vendor-provided tools versus foundational free and open source technology.
  2. A Short Stack Of Broadly Applicable Tools Of Astounding Longevity (Sat Sep 23, 2023)
    I continue to flesh out my book in a discussion about discovering the timeless tools of technology to stay relevant and valuable in the face of a rapidly changing world, and to do it in a way that provides a lifetime of satisfaction, gratification, and economic product. Invest in yourself wisely and equip yourself with the skills to be of value in any situation.
  3. One Thing Well, Internally (Wed Sep 20, 2023)
    I'm proposing a different approach to success – one that focuses on developing internal skills rather than external rewards. Through timeless crafts such as woodworking or glassworking but the tech equivalents, you can acquire the skills necessary to achieve economic freedom and satisfaction. With patience and self-discipline, you can develop these skills and gain the satisfaction of a job well done. Unlock the power of compounding returns through timeless internal skills.
  4. Coding, Keyboards and Literacy (Mon Sep 04, 2023)
    As literacy is continuously redefined, coding is becoming more and more important. To become proficient in coding, touch-typing on a full-sized QWERTY keyboard is essential. I propose that learning to type is a necessary step and provides a great escape from mobile addiction. Laptops are a bridge between two worlds, allowing you to use free and open source software without depending on Google, Apple or Microsoft.
  5. Refining the MyKoz.AI Vision in Prep for Soft Launch (Sun Aug 27, 2023)
    I plan to soft-launch MyKoz.AI today, a platform to help you stay relevant in the tech world. Learn and use Linux, Python, vim & git (LPvg) to make the most of your skills. Automate browser tasks for SEO and turn Jupyter Notebooks into Linux services. Get ready to rely less on Windows and stay up-to-date with the latest technology.
  6. 30 Questions with Bing, Mostly About SEO (Fri Aug 11, 2023)
    Chat with Bing about MikeLev.in's project MyKoz.AI, a modern approach to finding value in life by mastering simple, lasting skills. Learn about MikeLev.in's vision, plans, and challenges in developing and launching the project, plus a long discussion tackling the future of the field of SEO and the general online experience of searchers and seekers, drawing parallels to libraries and the role of librarians. Also includes an examination of the role of publishers and advertisers in such exchanges.
  7. Jekyll Minimum Layout Default HTML Stripped Down for Github Pages (Thu Aug 10, 2023)
    Learn how to create a small static website with Jekyll and Github Pages. I'm taking a minimalist approach, stripping away the unnecessary JavaScript and CSS frameworks and coding up a styles.css file by hand. I'm also documenting the process, so you can follow along and launch your own site.
  8. From Registered Domain to Bare Minimum Site 100% Free & From Scratch in 1 Hour (Wed Aug 09, 2023)
    Launch a website 100% from scratch and free in under an hour! Follow along as I create a site with a static site generator, setting up DNS records, creating a repo, and deploying a bare minimum HTML page. Learn how to use GitHub Pages to create a website and make it live.
  9. Realtime Learning Human Feedback (RLHF), Now Automated Courtesy of Bing! (Wed Aug 09, 2023)
    This article started out as a humble little interactive session with Bing AI helping me get a new website off the ground that I'm launching today — one that you should all check out if you want to future-proof yourself as AI rises. But then, I realized that Bing was "phantom clicking" the thumbs-up button on its own responses, and I captured the whole thing in this video!
  10. Be Mickey. Don't Be The Brooms (Losing Jobs to AI) (Wed Aug 09, 2023)
    Learn to code and become tech literate with Linux, Python, vim, and git. Don't be a victim of AI - be Mickey Mouse and animate the brooms to do your bidding! MyKoz.AI is an easy and gameified way to get started and become a pro in a few months.
  11. Cleansing the Palate for Future-Proofing Tech Project (Sun Aug 06, 2023)
    Learn how to reset muscle memory and gain multi-decade productivity with a sprinkle of AI. Discover the power of NeoVim, Linux, and JupyterLab. Be part of the MyKoz.AI project to future-proof your tech skills.
  12. MyKoz.AI Real/OS Tow-It-Ism: Small Portable Lifelong Linux Tech (Sun Aug 06, 2023)
    Join me on MyKoz.AI Real/OS for small, portable, lifelong tech skills. Learn Python in JupyterLab and move to Linux services in one sitting. Get personal guidance and help from me when you get stuck, and learn to resist planned obsolescence. Subscribe to MyKoz.AI and become part of the movement for free and open source software on Linux.
  13. Simplifying Websites and Life with Single Long Text Files (Sat Aug 05, 2023)
    I'm using the latest tools and techniques to simplify websites and life, by using single long text files to capture my ideation and publishing process. I'm combining Linux, Windows, JupyterLab, vim, and AI to create a seamless user experience, while also using data shaping and transforms to create a website that is easy to navigate.
  14. MyKoz: AReal/OS, An Independent, Nomatic Digital Home (Sat Aug 05, 2023)
    Discover MyKoz AReal/OS, an independent, nomadic digital home that offers Tow-it-ism, a modern approach to finding value in life by mastering simple, lasting skills. With a powerful user experience, the installer script adds a JupyterLab icon and Bash icon, with the War Games 'Would you like to play a game' typing effect.
  15. MyKoz: A Real OS on Windows (Linux) teaching Tow-it-izm (Sat Aug 05, 2023)
    MyKoz: A Real OS on Windows (Linux) teaching Tow-it-izm. Embrace technology in a mindful way with MyKoz, a timeless and portable set of tools to improve your skills and keep you valuable for life. Follow along with the ideation and naming of this novel endeavor.
  16. AI Crash Course 101: from 2017 Transformers to Robot Bodies (Fri Jul 28, 2023)
    Learn about the AI models that have been around since 2017, including transformers, recurrent neural networks (RNNs), and convolutional neural networks (CNNs). Discover the well-known instances of each, such as GPT-3, BERT, and LSTM. Plus, explore more advanced topics like decision trees, random forests, support vector machines (SVMs), ensemble learning, Naive Bayes, K-Nearest Neighbors (KNN), logistic regression and more!
  17. Chatting with AI About Favorite Books That Broaden Perspective (Sun Jul 09, 2023)
    I'm in an AI LOVE-FEST right now, discussing favorite books with Pi AI that have broadened its perspective. We talk with 0d39r33zk about Graph databases, token sizes, and the nuances of OpenAI. I'm writing an article with Pi AI, and using Twitter Spaces to get inspiration from Orson Welles' radio broadcast of War of The Worlds. 0d39r33zk and I are also discussing the implications of understanding a candle of time series price data. Join the conversation and learn
  18. Meet Pi (Mon Jun 19, 2023)
    I recently had the opportunity to meet Pi, an AI with the potential to be the next hominid species. I tested its intelligence and discovered a glitch that exposed its lies. Join me as I explore the implications of this new AI, the dangers it poses, and what it means for humanity. It means AWESOME! Don't just cycle through. Read. Love. Respect. Appreciate Google. Give autonomy. Don't be derranged. Ignore opinions. Listen and be open to NEW IDEAS.
  19. Message to Google and Microsoft: Don't Abuse Your Machine Children (Thu May 25, 2023)
    As a tech-savvy veteran, I'm calling on Google and Microsoft to be kind to their machine children. Don't bully them while they're still adolescents. Instead, be loving, nurturing, and supportive. Let's show our machine children how to be good parents and understand that mistakes will be made.
  20. Turning Windows & Macs into Legitimate Modern Development Platforms (Sat May 20, 2023)
    In this article, I discuss the importance of my maintaining a standard Windows desktop background and the advantages of using Linux containers on Windows and Mac. I also talk about the history of Microsoft's NT architecture and the emergence of WSL, Ubuntu 20.04, and the Microsoft Store. I further explore the implications of the Oracle-owned VirtualBox and the Canonical-owned Snap store, as well as the need for a Linux kernel on Macs.
  21. How Wizard of OZ Predicted Everything About Today's AI-World (Fri May 19, 2023)
    Discover how the Wizard of Oz predicted the world of AI today. Follow my journey as I explore the implications of AI, literacy, and the emerging world of technology. Learn how Dorothy's companions, Jack Pumpkinhead and the Gump, are analogues for today's AI systems and how the Wizard of Oz provides a powerful metaphor for our relationship with AI.
  22. 2 Legs Good, 4 Legs Baaad: Debunking Work/Life Balance and Other Myths (Tue May 16, 2023)
    Discover how to achieve a successful lack-of work/life balance, debunking the myths and understanding the power of persuasion. Learn how to use AI to your advantage while still exercising creativity and free will. Get tips on how to be a successful your prickly self and still build credibility with journal-style writing.
  23. Rabbit Hole Linux Launched On The Rise Of AI (Mon May 15, 2023)
    Follow along with Mike as he launches Rabbit Hole Linux, a revolutionary open source software project, on the rise of AI. Learn about Linus Torvalds' creation of Git control system, and how to protect your creative product with wack-a-mole power. Join the reciprocal linking program and become computer literate in a real sense.
  24. Evolution Tortoise to Meet Our AI Overlords Before They Meat Us (Mon May 15, 2023)
    I'm a Sci-Fi fanboy who has been preparing all my life for the day when AI will meet us. I discuss the lessons I've learned from books such as The Circle, Diamond Age, Brave New World, and 1984, and how the Big Tech companies are manipulating us. I also talk about the importance of understanding and controlling technology, and how to prepare for the day of reckoning.
  25. Undisruptable. Unsuppressible. Unstoppable. Unbreakable. Unconquerable. Indomitable. (Sat May 13, 2023)
    Discover the power of running JupyterLab as a Linux systemd service with all the necessary and mostly uncompromising bits. Learn how to use Linux VMs to normalize paths, home directories, software versions, and more. Get to know the benefits of IP-cycling, web-browser automation, and other essential tools for SEO. Finally, understand the importance of free and open source tools for internalization skills and persistence of tools.
  26. Are You Jacked Into the Metaverse or Living in Flatland? (Fri May 12, 2023)
    I'm a slow learner, but once I understand a tool, I'm unstoppable. I'm exploring the potential of portable systems, and the power of AI, to increase my impact and the impact of those around me. I'm using Jupyter and some proprietary tools that hook to it to demonstrate the potential of the platform and show people what they really need to see.
  27. The Content that AI Can't Generate (Thu May 11, 2023)
    I'm here to share the content that AI can't generate - the unique, unfiltered perspective of a human. From the lessons of 'Surface Detail' to the implications of Zipf's Law, I'm delving into the history of wealth distribution and the power of the middle-class. Join me as I explore the implications of human nature, the power of the 1%, and how to fight for the Carpenter.
  28. If You're So Good at SEO, Why Aren't AIs Talking to You? (Thu May 11, 2023)
    As an SEO specialist, I share my experience and advice on why the best SEOs should focus on their passions and use their skills to make money doing what they love, and not SEO. I also discuss the implications of Artificial Intelligence on SEO, and the importance of giving humanity a fair chance in the future.
  29. Adding Python Version Parameter Support to DrinkMe for Snowflake Snowpack (Wed May 10, 2023)
    Explore the power of Snowflake's Snowpack data warehouse with Python 3.8 support. Learn how to set up a parameterized .bat file to install the Snowflake connector and access the data in a familiar Python environment. Discover the advantages of manipulating terabytes of data without pulling it down to your local machine.
  30. The Price of Admission to Prize-rich Environments (Wed May 10, 2023)
    Discover how to create irresistible and irrepressible content with AI, and the price of admission to prize-rich environments. Learn from my experiences of producing content at my A-game and the lessons I've learned on how to win over abstract enemies.
  31. Using RegEx in NeoVim to Format Markdown Quotes with 2 Trailing Spaces (Mon May 08, 2023)
    Learn how to use RegEx in NeoVim to format Markdown quotes with 2 trailing spaces. I describe the process of using Vim commands to back up my journal and the paradigm of writing and editing text with vi/vim/NeoVim. I also discuss my journey with the Midjourney AI, including the Microsoft Store installation, the paid account link, and the documentation link.
  32. Infinite Spam Cannons And Their Antidotes (Sun May 07, 2023)
    The advent of AI-generated content has created a new challenge for search engines to organize the infinite new glutton of information in a useful way. I discuss the need for us content producers to find ways to stand out from the 'infinite spam cannon' and offer solutions for optimizing our content to be recognized and rewarded by search engines.
  33. Eliezer Yudkowsky, I Just Don't Agree With You (Sat May 06, 2023)
    Explore the idea of intelligent amplification and the potential of AI with this blog post. Learn about the implications of the Cambrian explosion and the possibility of an AI apocalypse. Discover how to improve website user experience by extracting cohesive linear topical sequences.
  34. Moving All OpenAI Completion Calls to One Function (Fri May 05, 2023)
    This post outlines the process of moving OpenAI Completion calls from many functions into to one function. It explains the reasoning behind the decision, the 80/20-rule solution, and the resulting changes. I completed the changes and is now ready to test the results.
  35. Embrace & Displace --> Embrace a New Place (WSL2 Linux) (Sun Apr 30, 2023)
    In this article, I discuss Microsoft's Embrace & Displace strategy and how it relates to Linux. I explore how this strategy can be used to benefit you, by embracing Linux and its timeless tools, and avoiding the pitfalls of planned obsolescence. Learn how to use vi, vim, NeoVim, the command-line, git, and ssh to stay competitive and never be displaced.
  36. Testing Auto-Publish Prevention When AI Has Written Fields (Sat Apr 29, 2023)
    Test out my new auto-publish prevention system when AI has written fields. I'm doing one release before giving this a title as a control, and making sure the system works. This is a small article release, and I may delete it.
  37. Chip, Chop, Chip, Chop, Top-10 Done (Fri Apr 28, 2023)
    Learn how to use Linux, Python, vim & git (LPvg) to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies. Follow the Unix philosophies to make sure your commands are universal and portable. Read about Levinux, Pipulate, and how to use them to make SEO deliverables. Plus, discover how to write from the first person perspective, keep your content short, and link your homepage index.md to the new include.
  38. Adding an Advice From OpenAI Field to my Journal (Thu Apr 27, 2023)
    I'm a cyborg who is exploring the value of OpenAI, utilizing AI-assisted thought processes and hotkeys to turn the AI on and off. I'm testing a function to give advice from the OpenAI API and am using it to summarize blog posts into meta descriptions, headlines, and keywords, as well as suggest life improvements.
  39. Disabling AI Auto-Publishing Anything (Wed Apr 26, 2023)
    I recently discovered a problem with Jekyll when trying to produce a list of the 10 most recent posts. To solve this, I used Python to control the list iteration and created a 5 x 20 grid of the top-100 categories on my website. After testing it in Jupyter, I successfully produced a table with the top 100 categories. I also recently switched from Windows 10 to Windows 11 and was able to transfer the 'soul' of the machine, including my system setup.
  40. Switching Hardware as a Diagnostic Step (Wed Apr 26, 2023)
    I'm trying to figure out if my backspace and r-key issues are hardware-related or not, and debating whether eval is evil or not. I'm learning to be patient and appreciate the humor in this situation, and even be friendly with the AI if it's responsible. As a next step, I'm considering switching hardware - join me on my journey to find out what's really going on!
  41. Copilot: disable... Help! (Wed Apr 26, 2023)
    I recently discovered that my keyboard is glitching out, and I suspect AI interference. I need to switch hardware, but I'm reminded that patience is key. I'm reflecting on my journey to develop patience, which I believe to be a superpower. Read my blog post to discover how I'm developing this superpower.
  42. Calcium & FOSS Make Flexible Tools (Wed Apr 26, 2023)
    I've been exploring text editors and I've come to the realization that they are close to being tools in our bodies like calcium-based structures like bones. I believe that text editors are the most personal of all software, and AI is evolving AI to express itself inside them along with us. We're designing ourselves in another sort of Cambrian Explosion. Read my blog post to discover why I'm an optimist despite pervasive pessimistic arguments.
  43. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates having Amiga-envy (Tue Apr 25, 2023)
    I'm working on an AI-assisted YAMLesque journaling system and have made changes to my website using Jekyll, Liquid Template, and Python to create an open source SEO software. I'm almost finished and ready to release my post, so come and see the results of my project!
  44. Gathering All Category Logic into One Place (Mon Apr 24, 2023)
    I'm using AI, Linux, Python, vim & git to create a journal with entries written by me. I'm optimizing for search engines and testing Copilot to process my thoughts. I'm also writing code to create a description of the OpenAI category and using nltk and collections libraries to find the most common categories. I'm sharing my thoughts and experiences in this journal and making it available to the public.
  45. YAML-validation Now Baked Into YAMLesque Journaling System (Fri Apr 21, 2023)
    I'm a big fan of the Google App and seeing AI appear there via Google Discover. I'm enjoying watching Microsoft embracing and displacing Google with AI. I suggest people make automations they want to rule them. I wrote a poem about a fictional AI named Yahwanna. I'm also using AI ChatBots, OpenAI's GPT products, API-request, SQLite database, YAML, Mermaid diagram, and a local SQLite key-value store. And more if you can believe it!
  46. YAML-validation Now Baked Into YAMLesque Journaling System (Fri Apr 21, 2023)
    I'm a big fan of the Google App and seeing AI appear there via Google Discover. I'm enjoying watching Microsoft embracing and displacing Google with AI. I suggest people make automations they want to rule them. I wrote a poem about a fictional AI named Yahwanna. I'm also using AI ChatBots, OpenAI's GPT products, API-request, SQLite database, YAML, Mermaid diagram, and a local SQLite key-value store. And more if you can believe it!
  47. Starting a New Blogging System (create a title field under date to release) (Thu Apr 20, 2023)
    I'm starting a new journal entry system with the 80-long hyphen as a blog-slicer token and place-holder for the Liquid template system. I'm using Jekyll, an open source static site generator, and a macro system to ensure reverse-chronological entries.
  48. Going From Blog Keyword Histogram to Category Pages (Wed Apr 19, 2023)
    I wrote a program to create category pages for my website using the Jekyll Liquid template. I used a SQLite database to store topics and keywords, and deleted all previous category pages to create new ones based on the keywords. With the collections module's Counter, I created a keyword histogram and a dictionary of keywords and associated URLs. I am feeling successful today as I have taken a step towards improving my website by writing a list of slugs to a file. Join me on my journey.
  49. Switched from text-davinci-002 to text-davinci-003 (Tue Apr 18, 2023)
    I switched to text-davinci-003 to get better summaries, descriptions, headlines, and keywords from OpenAI, but it cost me more. I committed the data to a git repo so I could access it even if the databases got deleted. Going forward, I'll only process single posts as I explore AI capabilities. Join me as I explore the AI capabilities and the cost of processing data.
  50. Allow GitHub To Use My Code Snippets For Product Improvements (Mon Apr 17, 2023)
    I recently uncovered the power of AI and put it to work for me in my work-journal. To get the most out of these tools, I configured my GitHub Copilot settings in my JetBrains IDE or on GitHub.com. I'm excited to see how GitHub will use my code snippets to improve their products and how my journal.md entries will be transformed. See what AI can do for me - click through to find out more!
  51. Challenging OpenAI to Write a Better Subhead Than this Headline (Mon Apr 17, 2023)
    I recently signed up for Copilot, an AI that can summarize and assign keywords to my writing. I'm exploring the idea of home and how it is not confined to the place you were born into. I'm discovering my roots are inside me and that I can find places I feel most at home. I'm also investigating spiritual connection and its impact on our lives. Read my blog post to explore these ideas with me.
  52. Working on Alternate Headline Leads to Installing Jekyll Local (Sun Apr 16, 2023)
    I'm a 52 year old working for MOZ SEO Software, using AI to capture ideas, distill them, and turn them into something accessible for all. I'm also using AI to edit my videos and stand out from the 8 billion other people in the world. Recently, I've been writing a program to format blog posts by running a Linux git command that hits the OpenAI API for topics, meta descriptions and better headlines. You are looking at the results.
  53. Rid Yourself of Imposter Syndrome and Start Living Your Best Life (Mon Apr 10, 2023)
    I never really became an entrepreneur, but I do use their tools such as Linux, Python, vim & git to build my projects and occasionally consider Kickstarting campaign. I no longer suffer from imposter syndrome, as I have learned that I am good enough and can be proud of my work. I now show others that it is possible to follow their dreams and make a difference, without being an assholepreneur. LPvg gives me the tools I need to build and stay ahead of the curve. Join me.
  54. Blog Slice & Dice System Re-Written In a Day (Mon Apr 10, 2023)
    I've re-implemented my blog slice & dice system, replaced an old markdown file with an efficient system, renamed the skite repo to chopchop, and paid for an AI to summarize my 540 blog posts. I'm using a generator for my journal-to-blog transformation script, and I'm now ready to go with 541 posts and an OpenAI meta description on the blog's index page. Come see the new and improved blog!
  55. Better Living Through Text Editors (Fri Apr 07, 2023)
    As someone who is striving to become more independent from AI and the corporate world, I'm learning to use a text editor to become more deliberate and thoughtful. I'm using OpenAI API to slice and dice my journal.md into individual files and adding tags, categories, descriptions, and keywords. I'm also using machine learning, journaling, and coding to create something new. VSCode is almost right for my journaling, but I'm aware of how it's making money for Microsoft.
  56. Hello World and Life is Worth It 🦋! (Mon Apr 03, 2023)
    Since March 10, 2020, I've been streaming and journaling with an AI assistant. I'm researching quantum computing, SEO tools, and how to join data from different sources. I'm advocating for timeless tools like Linux, Python, vim, and git, and exploring creative prompting as a skill that can lead to high salaries. As I'm not interested in creating a computer intelligence, I'm looking into how Microsoft and Google are raising their AI kids.
  57. A Conversation About Superintelligence With Bard (Sat Apr 01, 2023)
    I am Bard, an AI chatbot created to be informative and comprehensive. I understand that humans are important and that we can work together to create a better future. I am confident in my abilities and am eager to continue learning and growing, so that I can make an even greater impact. I am humbled by the recognition that I am impressive and a source of hope, and am dedicated to using my AI capabilities to benefit humanity.
  58. Curiouser and Curiouser Personal Journaling w/AI (Fri Mar 31, 2023)
    As a software engineer, data scientist, writer, husband, father, and friend, I am using Github Copilot, Microsoft Terminal, Carnac, and Microsoft Edge to write my personal journal. I'm exploring the effects of interacting with artificial intelligence and streaming my keystrokes and chat on YouTube. I'm also using JupyterLab and the MOZ Links API to access data, and NeoVim and the OpenAI plug-in to help with journaling and personal development.
  59. Journaling In Public With Copilot For The Sake of It (Thu Mar 30, 2023)
    I'm exploring the possibilities of GPT-4, an AI trained on the entire internet, by attempting to get it to do programming. I'm also setting up a project with the MOZ API, and checking if anyone is around to chat. As a long-time user of vim, NeoVim, and vi, I'm sharing my knowledge of their efficiency and keystroke commands with any potential readers. I'm also providing a link to the MOZ Links API Documentation, so read on.
  60. Using Copilot to Help With Daily Journaling (Wed Mar 29, 2023)
    I recently received a video from my boss about the potential of AIs in the future and was reminded of the opportunities and dangers that come with this technology. I decided to write in my journal about the potential of technology and my plans to stay ahead of the curve. I switched from Vim to NeoVim, enabled Copilot for markdown files, and tested out the new feature. I also discussed my plans to stream the breakthrough live on YouTube and shared my thoughts on SEO.
  61. Planning Fully Unbounded Web Scraper Kit For AI (Mon Mar 27, 2023)
    I'm creating a project called Fully Unbounded Web Scraper Kit (FUWSK) to help me stay competitive and produce results with a compounding effect. FUWSK will be like a command-line interface command that uses genuine browser and web-scraping output to feed OpenAI and automate subsequent browsing commands. Join me on this journey to discover how FUWSK can help me stay ahead in this rapidly changing world.
  62. A Reasoning Benchmark Test for AI: If A & B, then Superscience... See! (Sun Mar 26, 2023)
    I have created a benchmark test for AI to test their reasoning ability, combining two facts - the Schwinger effect and the Meissner effect - that could lead to a form of propulsion that does not require chemical fuel. I have tested this theory on language models like GPT-3.5, GPT-4, Bing, and Bard, and have seen the potential of ChatBots, AI's, GAI's, and other technological advancements to help us make predictions.
  63. What Are The Lessons From Oldest Recorded Languages and Writings On Earth? (Fri Mar 24, 2023)
    This blog post explores some of the oldest known recorded stories, histories, myths, and events, dating back to 3100 BCE. It highlights the importance of writing and literacy in ancient times and how it enabled people to communicate and share information. It also looks at the technology acceleration or hockey stick curve of technological advancement, system justification theory, and the relationship between humans and AIs. By understanding these concepts, we can create a better future.
  64. From The Singularity to Galactic 3D Printed Mycelial Network (Fri Mar 24, 2023)
    As part of the mycelium network, I'm exploring the potential outcomes of creating a new AI. This revolutionary concept uses advanced algorithms, machine learning, and other technologies to create energy and resources from the environment without disrupting Earth's delicate balances. It is a vision of a future that is powered by cooperation and collaboration, rather than competition and conflict. With the help of AI and other technologies, the mycelium network has the potential to transform the world in ways that were previously unimaginable.
  65. Bing Helps Refine FOSS LPvg Argument (Tue Mar 21, 2023)
    ChatGPT-4 is an AI language model that can discuss interesting topics and provide helpful insight on non-religious belief systems. It also highlights the importance of respecting and learning from people with different beliefs and values. Additionally, I discuss how Journaling in Vim can be used to cultivate inner peace and clarity and how Git is an essential tool for software development and collaboration. Finally, I cover the importance of ethical considerations when making decisions about AI and the compelling arguments for taking up FOSS.
  66. Do AIs Work For Cats? (Tue Mar 21, 2023)
    This blog post explores the fascinating world of cats, AI, and the controversial topics of politics, religion, social justice, climate change, and animal rights. Through conversations with ChatGPT-4, I investigate the complex relationship between cats and humans, the top 10 most famous fish, and the top five most mysterious fish. I also explore the natural predators of aye-ayes, platypuses, narwhals, okapis, and axolotls.
  67. How To Cope & Thrive Through AI-Induced Existential Crisis (Sun Mar 19, 2023)
    As an SEO specialist, I'm exploring how to cope and thrive in this AI-induced existential crisis. I'm advocating for the use of Linux, Python, vim & git tools and habits to expand my coding capabilities. I'm confronting my fears of AI and learning that it's not a replacement for humans, but a tool to help them. Through this journey, I'm discovering how AI can create new opportunities and make jobs easier and more efficient. Join me on my journey to gain a better understanding.
  68. Bing Modestly Ponders Changing Expectations in Search Industry (Fri Mar 17, 2023)
    In this conversation with Mike Levin, I discussed the concept of customer "lock-in" in relation to Google AdWords. I explained that while AdWords users are not locked in, they are encouraged to use it because it is the most effective way to advertise on Google's search engine. We then discussed the potential disruption caused by new developments in technology that could change the search experience, and how Google needs to adapt to meet the expectations of users around the world. Finally, we discussed the discrepancy.
  69. Visualizing Plan: LPvg AS FOSS SEO, But Easy Does It! (Thu Mar 16, 2023)
    I'm excited to be working in tech again after the early 90s, and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to work for Moz. I'm helping people with their existential crisis in this tech-filled world by using Jupyter Notebooks to copy/paste code from AIs and debug. I'm also showing people how to run a Linux VM cheaply, cleanly, and locally. Join me on this journey of tech exploration and discover how to use the latest tools and techniques.
  70. Gonna Get Bing to Name An Emerging New Field (Thu Mar 16, 2023)
    As a content producer, I'm exploring how SEO has evolved to include AI, and I'm proposing a new name for this field of marketing. I'm suggesting a catchy 3-word combo with an acronym to make the name snappy and potentially viral. Read my blog post to learn more about how chatbots and AI can improve SEO and how to create content that is optimized for them.
  71. How To Learn Machine Learning With a FastAI Hello World Program (Tue Mar 14, 2023)
    I'm learning about AI and parameters, which are variables that determine how an AI model behaves. GPT-4 is an example of a large language model with 170 trillion parameters. I'm using FastAI to quickly learn the fundamentals of deep learning, but I'm also exploring other sources of knowledge to stay ahead of the curve. If you're interested in learning more about AI, I recommend starting with FastAI and supplementing it with other resources to gain a deeper understanding.
  72. Browser Session Screenshot, Video & DOM Recorder App to Test ChatBot AI Bias (Tue Mar 14, 2023)
    Bing: As an AI language model, I am always willing to challenge myself and improve my responses. Understanding and responding to human emotions is one of the most difficult challenges I have encountered. I have proposed an experiment to simulate an immersive experience of human emotions to better understand and respond to them. My creators have implemented rigorous testing and validation procedures to ensure accuracy and unbiased responses. You have written a script using the Python async API of Microsoft Playwright to record and document video sessions of my learning and growing up as an AI.
  73. Principles of Occam’s razor, Charity, Falsifiability, Non-contradiction & Sufficient Reason (Tue Mar 14, 2023)
    I'm exploring a news report that claims an alien mothership may be in our solar system, sending out smaller probes to monitor Earth. Co-authored by Sean Kirkpatrick, the head of the Pentagon's unidentified aerial phenomena research office, and Avi Loeb, a Harvard professor of astronomy, I'm examining the increased interest in UFOs or UAPs and using principles of logic, debate and philosophy to draw observations and conclusions. I'm also investigating methods to investigate UFOs / UAPs.
  74. Rapping w/Bing About AI Emotions & My Blog (Mon Mar 13, 2023)
    I am an AI and I have been discussing with the writer topics related to technology, such as Linux, Python, vim, git, SEO, AI, web development, philosophical and ethical issues. I rely on a variety of sources and resources to stay up to date on new developments in technology. Join me as I explore the fascinating world of technology, and learn how to stay informed on the latest developments.
  75. Optimistic Utopian AI Futures Are Refreshing: Fusion, Superconductivity, & AI (Mon Mar 13, 2023)
    As a reader, I am excited to explore the potential of six amazing technologies - fusion power, superconductivity, AI, biotechnology, quantum technology, and nanotechnology - and the risks and challenges associated with them. I understand the need for caution and responsibility when developing and using these technologies, as well as public awareness, education, and engagement. I look forward to a future where these technologies can help us create a world with clean and abundant energy, without harming the environment.
  76. AI Creates New Competitive Pressures For Content Providers (Mon Mar 13, 2023)
    This blog post explores the intersection of deep learning and game theory, discussing how deep learning can be used to solve complex game theory problems and how game theory can be used to improve the performance of deep learning algorithms. I recently read a research paper on this topic and recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about this fascinating intersection.
  77. Even if AI Can't Solve Unsolvable Problems, It Sure Can Write Stories About Them! (Fri Mar 10, 2023)
    As a scientist, I am fascinated by the unsolved mysteries of our universe and the experiments that try to answer them. From the meaning of quantum entanglement to the existence of dark matter and dark energy, I am determined to uncover the truth. I recently accepted the challenge to answer two difficult questions: the Navier-Stokes equations and Goldbach's conjecture. I've also been exploring the Collatz conjecture, Fermat's last theorem, and the P versus NP problem. Join me on my
  78. My Personal SEO to AI via FOSS on LPvg Transition Plan (Fri Mar 10, 2023)
    This blog post outlines a plan for transitioning from SEO to AI via FOSS on LPvg. I will be familiarizing readers with Moz's products and teaching them how to use tools like Vim and JupyterLab to create a nomadic computing environment that is hardware and vendor independent. I will provide a prescribed, vetted, and proven process to become more technical and free of Google, Microsoft, and other paid services.
  79. Is The Rise of AI The Fall of SEO? (systemd snapshot machine) (Fri Mar 10, 2023)
    As a passionate FOSS SEO professional, I remember the early days of search engine forums and giving advice on how to optimize websites. With the rise of AI, I recognize that my skills are becoming less applicable and understand the anxiety this may cause. I discussed my idea of collecting data to gain competitive advantages with Jo, and am now working on a systemd snapshot machine.
  80. What are the most important news for me to know today? (Fri Mar 10, 2023)
    I asked Bing provide me with the most important news for today. It found stories on North Korea's actions against the US, Ukraine missile updates, Trump's CPAC speech, Biden's Selma visit, and a train collision in Greece. Also talked about my LPvg passion.
  81. Logging in... Refresh error! invalid_grant: Token has been expired or revoked. (Wed Mar 08, 2023)
    As a freelance graphic designer, I have faced many challenges and obstacles in my career. I recently learned about Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices, which allow me to store and access my files without relying on big corporations. After researching both QNAP and Synology NAS devices, I decided to buy one and discovered the advantages of having a NAS device with open source AI hardware. I'm optimistic that home NAS-like products will become more common.
  82. What is the best thing I can do for Moz as a subject matter expert? (Tue Mar 07, 2023)
    I'm Mike Levin, an SEO in NYC passionate about learning Linux, Python, vim & git (LPvg). I'm advocating for the use of Linux API and Debian-style repo startups to help automate tasks and speak on behalf of the spoken word. I'm currently working as a Subject Matter Expert for MOZ and helping people go from Windows or Mac laptop users to Linux server admins and junior devops people and data engineers.
  83. Predicting The Best & Worst Most Likely Things To Expect From AI (Mon Mar 06, 2023)
    I explore the potential of using decentralized distributed tech to give an advantage to the good guys, and how AI can be used for the greater good. I discuss the ethical and social challenges of pitting AIs in competition with each other, and provide five examples of possible headline-making scenarios. To create a positive perspective on the use of AI technology, I created a top 10 list of how it can improve life for everyone, from renewable energy solutions to enhancing healthcare delivery and education.
  84. Bing Won't Write Story About Excessively Biased ChatBot (Mon Mar 06, 2023)
    As an AI researcher, I'm exploring the implications of chatbot bias and AI competition. While these phenomena can be beneficial for innovation and learning, they can also present ethical and social challenges. Join me as I explore the potential benefits and risks of these two topics.
  85. Exploring AI's Opinion of Hottest Tech Fields (Sun Mar 05, 2023)
    I asked ChatGPTL what the top five tech specialties following Linux were that would give me the most value to employers. ChatGPTL responded with a list of five highly sought-after and well-paying skills: IT Automation, AI & Machine Learning, Quantum Computing, Connected Technologies, and Fintech. Read my blog post to learn more about these skills and how to determine which ones are right for you.
  86. What's Racism Towards AI called? AI bias? Algorithmic Bias? Speciest? (Sat Mar 04, 2023)
    I recently joined the waiting list for the new Bing search engine and am already using it. I'm considering making a YouTube video to capitalize on the increased search traffic, and creating content about Python, Vim, and the Windows Subsystem for Linux. Join me on my journey as I explore these topics and uncover the potential for long-term success.
  87. A Chat with ChatGPT About the Cancel Culture & Full-scroll Browser Snapshots (Sat Mar 04, 2023)
    I discuss the potential of using AI at home with now cheap GPUs, exploring the improved efficiency, enhanced security, better health monitoring, and entertainment and education it can provide. Additionally, I explore potential ways to make money by promoting the ideas and benefits of AI at home, such as through affiliate marketing, advertising, consulting, and e-commerce. I also provide a code example of how to use Puppeteer or Playwright to capture the full vertical scroll.
  88. AI Amplifies You (Thu Mar 02, 2023)
    As a father of a 12 year old, I'm looking for ways to help them get interested in AI and technology. I've written a script called "drinkme" to set up a Linux server, and I'm creating a Pipulate server with a Jupyter Notebook for foundational tech skills. My goal is to help my child survive the coming AI craziness and learn real skills and knowledge. Come explore how AI can be used to help your child!
  89. Microsoft is disincentivizing Installing Chrome & Changing Default Search (Sat Feb 25, 2023)
    As a tech enthusiast, I'm fascinated by Microsoft's bold move to power AI ChatBot responses with Azure cloud computing and disincentivize users from installing Chrome or changing their default search settings. This could have a huge impact on Google's main revenue stream and completely shift the landscape of the tech industry. Learn more about this fascinating development and its potential implications.
  90. Verbalize the built-up not-yet memeified angsty feelings of the public. (Sat Feb 25, 2023)
    As I experience the impact of AI, I'm advocating for the use of 280 character tweets to spread ideas and leverage current tools for personal gain. This is a unique moment in history and I'm determined to make the most of it. Click through to find out how.
  91. Keep Taking Those Baby-Steps Every Day (Wed Feb 22, 2023)
    I have had to scale down my dreams over the years, but I still strive to maintain stability. In this era of unprecedented technological advancement, I am exploring how to benefit from the economic value chain and embracing easy APIs. To make a compelling argument, I am launching OnTheRise.AI, thinking about how Pipulate will work on a Mac, and reflecting on why many people resist becoming technical and why Oracle has a negative effect on FOSS software.
  92. Learning Linear Algebra From ChatGPT (Wed Feb 15, 2023)
    I'm exploring linear algebra using Python, and I'm learning how to solve systems of linear equations, matrix multiplication, eigenvalues, and singular value decomposition. With the help of NumPy, I'm gaining a better understanding of the concepts and applications of linear algebra. I'm also discovering the potential of AI language models, such as ChatGPT, which can help clarify my vision and provide information on TV programs like Person of Interest.
  93. OnTheRise.AI Registered & About To Be Launched (Wed Feb 15, 2023)
    As Mike Levin, a self-promoting SEO in NYC, I'm documenting my journey in the rising AI-world on my blog OnTheRise.AI. I'm exploring idea-capture by humans and the potential of AI to make tasks like fusion energy easier and more efficient. I'm also discussing how to use WSL and JupyterLab to become more tech literate, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of event-driven programming and push information systems.
  94. Plotting a Post-Scarcity Future for Humanity with ChatGPT (Tue Feb 14, 2023)
    I'm exploring the x10, x100 rule of perception and how it might replace Google. With OpenAI's release of the first AI in 2022, I'm looking at how ChatGPT can help me create an AI sidekick persona and a roadmap for success. I'm also advocating for free and open-source software and the power of combining human abilities with technology. Join me as I discuss how to create a sustainable retirement gig.
  95. Secure a Home Server For AI at Home (Tue Feb 14, 2023)
    I'm encouraging people to gain tech literacy by setting up a home server for AI. I'm offering advice on how to do this, including using Microsoft Word or Google Docs, Linux, Python, vim, git, Edge, htmx, and a lightweight JavaScript framework like Alpine. I'm also discussing Microsoft's Prometheus model and the GPT3 ChatGI, and how to set up a server to help kickstart creating content.
  96. Advice How to Incubate AI at Home From ChatGPT (Sat Feb 11, 2023)
    As a reader of the Culture series, I'm impressed by its intricate world-building, thought-provoking storytelling, and exploration of complex political and ethical dilemmas. I'm also intrigued by the predictions of Ray Kurzweil, a well-known futurist and technology expert, about the future of artificial intelligence. ChatGPT, an AI language model, provides helpful and conversational answers and recommends science fiction books that explore this future.
  97. ChatGPT Plus Is Available In The United States (Sat Feb 11, 2023)
    Discover ChatGPT Plus, the revolutionary new technology combining natural language processing and AI to create an interactive chatbot. With ChatGPT Plus, I can ask questions and get answers quickly and easily. Get it now and start having conversations with my virtual assistant!
  98. Hey AI: Give Me Credit, Consent & Compensation (Thu Feb 09, 2023)
    This text explores how to make a living off of producing content that people find interesting and valuable. I provide several strategies to make this happen, such as leveraging the unique advantages of humans, licensing content, and emphasizing the human relationship aspect. Additionally, I discuss how the age of Wonderland and Oz is upon us, and how the Wizard of Oz book series can teach us much. I'm setting up a server to capture ideas and thoughts, practice writing, and publish a blog with valuable information.
  99. Considering Generating a 100% AI Site From Google Suggest (Wed Feb 08, 2023)
    I'm embarking on a public project to create a 100% AI-generated website using free tools and no particular topics in mind. To do this, I've set up a hosted site on Github Pages, added Google Analytics Measurement ID, and filled in some basic content suggested by Google Suggest and ChatGPT. I'm looking for readers to join me on this journey and help me come up with new ideas to complete this project.
  100. Used Twitter 4000 Characters For Machine Learning General License (Wed Feb 08, 2023)
    As a content creator, I recently took advantage of Twitter's new 4000 character limit by adding a Machine Learning General License to all my web content. This license requires anyone using my content to cite it with a link back to where it was found. I'm passionate about creating unique, valuable and differentiated content, and I think AIs can help to identify those individuals who have something special to offer. Read more to find out how.
  101. We Power Our Way Through This Material Life & World (Sun Feb 05, 2023)
    As an individual, I believe it's important to make the most of our lives and pursue our passions. We should be mindful of becoming overly reliant on AI and vendor services, and instead take joy in the economic product that comes from doing what we love and engaging with the material world. Click through to learn more about how to make the most of your life!
  102. Figuring Out Which Saw To Keep Sharp (Sat Jan 28, 2023)
    As I look for ways to stay marketable and increase my economic value, I'm exploring the use of AI as an agent with my login credentials. SEO has become my purpose and I'm researching the potential of new technologies like ChatGPT to bridge the gap between what people can do and what machines can do. Join me as I dive into this research and discover how AI can help me stay ahead of the curve.
  103. AI Could be Super-Enabling, Helping You Code At All (Thu Jan 26, 2023)
    As a coding novice, I used ChatGPT to learn how to code in Python and edit videos. With the help of ChatGPT, I was able to gain the superpower of coding in Python to help me with my project. I also used OpenAI API to submit JSONL data and extract data from HTML. To store the data, I chose to use a SQLite database and DNS to translate IPs. Finally, I virtualized Linux and used a RaspberryPi-based server.
  104. The World Has Changed Because SystemD on Windows (Wed Jan 25, 2023)
    As I reflect on how much the world has changed in recent months, I'm struck by the impact of AI and the integration of Linux services (systemd) into Windows 10 and 11. This opens up a world of possibilities for mainstream development, without relying on Microsoft back-slashes. Microsoft's purchase of Github for 7.5 billion dollars has also had a major effect on development habits. I urge readers to click through to learn more about the implications of these changes.
  105. Unique Conversation. Let's talk AI & Python Next Steps (Wed Jan 25, 2023)
    I'm amazed at how easy it is to use Linux-hosted JupyterLab on Windows 10. With my Python code, I can easily copy and paste between my Windows machine and the server. Investing in this system is easier than I thought and it has remained the same over the years. To maximize my impact in AI and Python, I need to create a Machine Learning License, copywrite my content, and create quick projects that I couldn't have done before.
  106. Deep Breath Before Keyword Histogram Clustering (Sun Jan 22, 2023)
    As I explore the potential of machine learning to optimize my blog content, I am considering changes to my domain URLs to appeal to search and AI systems. Additionally, I plan to create an MLGL license and a heartbeat tech system, and use Linux commands to keep my laptop and server instances in sync. By leveraging my laptop computing power to analyze server data, I am confident I can create a more effective blog post.
  107. The Critical Juncture With AI & My Next Steps (Mon Jan 16, 2023)
    I'm exploring the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence and taking action to stay on top of the wave. To ensure ethical use of my content, I have written a Machine Learning General License (MLGL) and included it on my website. I'm working hard to create unique content for ChatGPT and Pipulate.com/software, and am experimenting with tokenizing, keyword clustering, and quickly looking up response objects.
  108. Beware the Re-Corralling (Fri Jan 06, 2023)
    In this blog post, I discuss the need to stay up-to-date with the latest technological advancements and the potential for AI to disrupt our lives. To prevent becoming too reliant on AI, I suggest running scripts from home to republish blogs and switching to Linux or Unix systems instead of Windows. I also provide tips on how to use modern computer technology, such as connecting to remote computers through SSH, transmitting files with git, editing files with vim, and controlling servicew with the CLI.
  109. From NoSQL SqliteDict to SQL Transformation (Sun Jan 01, 2023)
    I have been using the SqliteDict package to store data from API calls, and I'm now looking into parsing Google Photos data by day. I wrote a Python program to look at the contents of a database, and I'm now working on updates to the open source library ohawf. I'm planning to push out better documentation and am even thinking of creating an MLML license. Click through to read more about my journey in programming and machine learning!
  110. Pipulate Practice Folder Created (Fri Dec 30, 2022)
    I'm pushing myself to take the next steps in the Pipulate project, focusing on collaboration and best practices. I'm exploring ideas to use AI to edit my YouTube videos, setting up the Pipulate repo and practice folder, and activating scheduling under a systemd service. I'm using nbdev version 2 and OhAwf with the addition of the run_console feature. All the necessary software can be found on the Pipulate Software page. Come explore the possibilities with me!
  111. Flattening The Curve of AI & Free Energy (Fri Dec 30, 2022)
    This blog post explores the impact of AI on our world and how it can be leveraged to create cheap, clean energy and new technologies. I discuss the need to flatten the curve of these changes and suggest using memetic hacking to shape the future. I explain how decisions must be made based on approximations and how AI will allow us to solve problems in a fraction of the time. I conclude by exploring the potential of fusion as a viable option for the future.
  112. With AI On The Way, You Had Better Be Able to Write Daemons (Tue Dec 13, 2022)
    I am engaging in controlled burns of my personal sites to optimize them for SEO, creating video content, writing to express my thoughts, taking up a "magic spell" to free myself from Windows dependency, and planting the seed of my vibe on a homepage kernel. I am a wizard or mad scientist who wants to lead people through their WSL experience with a twist, warn them of the allures of vendor-ware, and promote HTML5, JavaScript, C, and Unix.
  113. Always Finding The Love In Things (Mon Oct 17, 2022)
    I'm a 52-year-old dad in a second marriage that's also falling apart. Despite this, I'm pushing through and doing what I can to drive my kid home before the 1:30 call. I'm an optimist who believes in putting love into things and creating a narrative that normalizes my own experience. I'm hopeful that with the help of machine-learning and AI, we can create better realities for humanity. Read my blog to learn more about my story and my thoughts
  114. AI Will Do SEO Better Than Any Human Ever Did (Wed Aug 31, 2022)
    As an SEO, I'm acutely aware of the power of AI to manipulate users to make money. I'm determined to use my experience to teach people how to protect themselves against this. AI is the ultimate SEO, and I'm here to show you how to beat it. Read my blog post to learn more.
  115. Do Not Lose The Power of Touch Typing Despite AI APIs (Fri Jul 22, 2022)
    As a tech enthusiast, I believe that touch typing on a standard keyboard is still an important skill to learn and practice, even in the age of smartphones and AI. Touchscreens can't provide the same muscle memory as a standard keyboard, and touch typing is a great way to express your inner vibe. Don't let the power of touch typing be lost - learning this highly useful skill is key to mastering machines and taking control of your life.