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A Tale of Two Pipers

Today, I heard a thought-provoking poem by Mike Levin about the two types of Pied Pipers - the Falsey and the FLOSSy - and the consequences of choosing which one to follow. It could be a Chromium swiper or a Terminal typer, and it will decide whether you are sealed or free. I invite you to read my blog post to learn more about this fascinating poem.

Choose Wisely: The Consequences of Following the Falsey or FLOSSy Pied Pipers

By Michael Levin

Friday, May 20, 2022

There’s a Falsey Pied Piper and a FLOSSy Pied Piper
And the one that you follow will be
A Chromium swiper or a Terminal typer
And your fate either sealed or be free.

—Mike Levin, 2022