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Add Flax Seeds to Blended Drinks to Make Your Poo Firm

I'm a big fan of making blended drinks, and recently I made one for me and my friend Nat with spinach and flax seeds for the vegetables, iron and water soluble fiber. I'm still looking for a way to reduce the flatulence that comes with these drinks, and I've been experimenting with the Vitamix blender to make different kinds. Join me on my journey to make the perfect blended drink with all the health benefits and none of the side effects.

Experimenting with Vitamix Blender to Make Perfect Blended Drinks with Health Benefits and No Side Effects!

By Michael Levin

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

I’m making the blended drinks almost every day now. I just made one for Nat and me. It’s really delicious. I put a lot of spinach and flax seed in them to get the vegetables, iron and water soluble fiber. I said in the video that the flax seeds take care of the one thing wrong with these drinks by making your poo firm. That’s only half-true. The other thing wrong with these drinks is the flatulence. What can I add for that?

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