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All My Sites Will Be In Play

by Mike Levin

Monday, August 30, 2021

I am now 51 years old, and I’m STILL an SEO! Okay, the idea really is to be a Datamaster and a Master Carpenter, such as it were. Even walruses get in trouble by not having and knowing what they need. And so that’s where I focus my attention, having and knowing what I need to always get by in life. And that is all kinds of data collection and scraping stuff.

And so general SERP collection is about to go into my general project. I have to do it so darn much! Okay, THINK! What you’re typing right now is going on mikelevinseo.com. Your general “in-play” (or soon-to-be in-play) sites are:

But don’t get distracted by that yet. Okay, and so this site is where I think through the SEO issues of all the sites.