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Already Renamed Jupyme to WSL2LXD

by Mike Levin

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Pulling out all stops. My first version of the WSL 2 LXD install script is already pretty solid. I renamed jupyme repo to wsl2lxd which is a lot easier to remember, more searched on and probably of greater widespread value than just another way of getting Jupyter running. Act on important ideas quickly. This is all a soul-cleansing experience for me. I’m learning how to be thorough again. Nothing quite so heady since I made Levinux. Good! I need to get back into that state. A prolonged 2 or 3 years in that state, and wait and see what I can do! I was detailed (by my own hand) more than once in life recently–recently being the past 15 or 20-years. Haha, recently for me is a lifetime for others.

Okay, think! Leverage your vim spell-checking! Putting my en.utf-8.add file in my vim repo. Time to make it public again. And I’ll never need to rebuild my personal word dictionary again.

Another thing I did was activate an Ubuntu 20.04 under WSL to be separate from all my LXD work which is all centered around 18.04.

Now I can really run the wsl2lxd.bat file with no fear of loosing the ability to edit my journals here and otherwise have a stable instance of Linux always running.