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Always Be Writing Though Language Is Full of Lies

I understand why my brain wants to automate decisions so I can focus on more important matters like writing and vlogging. Writing and vlogging are both ways of encoding thoughts into words, and can help manifest ideas into reality. With practice, I can capture ideas and turn them into coherent thoughts. Learn how writing can be used to your advantage and improve your life in unexpected ways.

Writing: Unlocking the Power of Ideas and Improving Life in Unexpected Ways

By Michael Levin

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Language is full of lies, but don’t let it stop you. Use it to your advantage. Use it a lot, allowing thick of layers of pages to shine with the kind of truth normally lost in tweets and social media peacocking. Slather on the words, gooey glob after gooey glob of admittedly imperfectly encoded ideas.

That nonsensical free-flowing writing means something in your life no matter how meandering, self-triggering or whatever else stops you every time you start trying. Having a diary, journaling or whatever other stupid label you want to slap on the practice is worthwhile and will improve your life in countless unexpected ways. I promise.

The idea is that idea-capture matters. Contrary to the popular notion of capturing some million-dollar idea that strikes like lightning that must be written down or else be lost forever, I think such inspiration is a light background drizzle like rain on the brain. Your deeper writing will be seeded by lighter idea-capture writing.

Million-dollar, billion-dollar, indeed world-changing ideas are a dime a dozen. We all have them. We all could be Einstein, Turing or Musk. Or we could be Grigori Perelman unwrapping life’s mysteries living in isolation with our mother, being equally happy without you the soul-corrupting material rewards. This is not a call-to-materialism like so many self-help dribble. Instead it’s pointing out that control of your life is tied to some important quality of existence we stupidly label happiness. F-happiness. Just capture those thoughts and shove ‘em into the actualizing-machine that is your time here on this material plane.

You’re going to have those million-dollar ideas again and again. You simply must write it down eventually if you want the idea to start becoming real, for the first step of actualizing or manifesting an idea into reality is to write it down. The more you do, the larger the menu in your head of what’s available for you to order-up for yourself in the meal of life.

There are multiple “you’s” but we’ll get to that later. What you need to know is that the one capturing ideas is the playful child tied closely to our more animal-like base existence and the one looking over ideas larger is your more human-like executive function. It’s the child and the adult. It’s the criminal and the judge. Get away with things in your head that nobody needs to know about or even be aware you considered. Think in extremes and act in moderation. Navigate your way through life bouncing ideas and balancing behavior.

It doesn’t matter where you write really, so long as you copy/paste it easily to somewhere that matters. Actually even that doesn’t matter that much because 80% of the importance of writing is accomplished merely in the act of writing. When you write, you activate special parts of your brain related to that more human-like higher-order executive function.

I’ve talked with people who’ve bitterly resented the language of “higher-order” function for the uniquely human thought patterns that occur in the prefrontal cortex of your brain, the rippled surface area of your brain that lives under your forehead is the tippy-top of a nervous system that roughly reflects evolution, with worm-thoughts in your spinal-cord, lizard-thoughts where the spinal cord penetrates the brain, and various increasingly re-purposeable (neuro plasticity) parts as you go up. A worm or lizard’s thoughts are not necessarily better than human thoughts. They just evolutionarily solve different problems. Human thoughts are “higher-order” even on the basis of where the thoughts occur in your body.

Only your inner higher-order human can write. Most of us are much less human than we think we are most of the time. Our much larger and longer-existing worm and lizard parts of our brain want to handle most decisions in life automatically so that’s our more human executive function is not bogged-down and is thereby made available for more important matters unique to being human. We see skills like walking and driving driven into our unconscious so that we might examine our environment, making ourselves more clearly aware of dangers and threats. This is why I can video-journal so easily on my long drives between New York and Pennsylvania.

So vlogging isn’t so dramatically different from writing. You are consciously encoding thoughts into words either way. I do both. I wrote different places all the time. It takes time and practice to capture ideas that trickle down on you like rain and then to tease them out as coherent thoughts. Actualized humans (actual humans?) can do this. Home Sapien Sapiens is under attack as racist, but I’m really on the edge with that label. It expresses so much about the human condition. Plenty of Homo Sapiens are never fully sapient because they can’t get over the hump of writing as a habit and without habitual writing, I would argue that one is not really habitually thinking in the meaningful ways that make big differences in one’s life.

Start any way that suits you. Get over the pain and the triggering. Keep at it and re-trigger yourself until it doesn’t hurt anymore. Find the love in it. Recognize what the process is doing to you. Let yourself go “meta” and spiral a bit. Recover from spiraling. Learn to break out of spiraling. Develop emotional stability and the ability to overrule the opinions of your inner worm and lizard who aren’t really expressing opinions in a lingual form at all. We just give them words to justify the things we’ve done already and are defending our self-images through ridiculous justification.