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An Ode to The Status Quo

I explore the idea of accepting the status quo and not striving for discovery in this ode. I emphasize the importance of practice and the power of repetition. I also caution against the pitfalls of making too much effort and the fallacy of pop culture.

I Celebrate The Status Quo and All Its Possibilities

By Michael Levin

Thursday, May 4, 2023

I will not get discovered
And it’s not to be lamented;
Just practice what you preach
Just like how Python is indented.

They will not like your reasons
Because notions will deface
The clutterduck appearance
They all love of curly brace.

Dig in, do your duty—
Just keep doling out dem clues
In content they’ll ignore
But their competitor imbues.

Lather, rinse, repeat;
With writing, blatantly get gall in,
So when you’re on a roll there is
Some chance it starts snowballing.

But it won’t so do not sweat it,
Find a wave and merely surf it.
It’ll kill ya if you let it—
Don’t forget all paths are worth it!

I’ll enumerate the faux pas
Making so much effort fizzle
Shedding light on popcultfallacy:
It’s not steak if there’s no sizzle.