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Being On Your Own In Life

I'm in my mid-twenties and a single parent, working in the IT industry to provide for my child. I sometimes consider hitting the road in an RV, but I stay put for my family. Life is funny and I'm never really on my own. Read my story to find out more about my unique life journey.

My Unique Life Journey: A Single Parent Working in IT and Never Really On My Own

By Michael Levin

Sunday, October 16, 2022

I like to make sure by blog publishing system is still working. Finally watching The Shawshank Redemption again… again being probably for the second time after the first time somewhere in my mid-twenties. Somewhere in my mid-twenties, things went strange. Both my parents checked out. First my dad on college graduation, same week if I recall correctly. Years later, my mom started going crazy and disappearing on and off until done. These days I spend the weekends with my kid, my child from my first marriage. I’m on my second but that’s another story. For now, it’s me and the kid.

Me and the kid. I have to do well at work to continue earning well. Somehow through this SEO-route of mine, I ended up in an area of the information-technology industry where I pull and prepare data for stakeholders. That’s what I do, I guess. It’s based on the simple principle that without being a professional programmer “on-the-hook” for your creations, you can do what basically amounts to one-off data-pull projects. This is because it’s not needed or because of some labor-intensive step is unreasonable to deliver regularly.

Life is funny. Are you on your own or are you not? Are you ever really not on your own in some way? Having cats is interesting too. It’s probably the one thing now besides wanting to be stable for my kid keeping me from going all RV. Why pay rent? Why not take it on the road? Only the cats. The child on weekends and the cats. I could go RV sometime soon. It seems likely in my future. I wonder how that would be with cats? Persistence. Purrsistence.