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Bing Side Bar Makes Default Search Set To Google Inconsequential

Discover how I recently updated my browser to the newest version and found Bing integrated into the upper-right corner. I was curious to see if I could use it beyond my daily quota, and found out it's more about rate than queries per day. I activated the side-panel to see what it looks like and tried it out - read my blog post to find out what I discovered!

Discover How Bing Side-Bar Makes Google Default Search Inconsequential

By Michael Levin

Thursday, March 16, 2023

And there you have it! Your browser has been updated to the newest version, and now you have Bing in your face! The Bing logo goes in the upper-right. Click it and you have the side-bar experience. Let’s see if it gives me any more answers now that I’ve used up my daily quota, haha! Technically, it’s number of queries within a 24-hour period, so it’s really more about rate than queries per day. You mean I can’t talk to you all day long, Bing?

Your Browser Has Been Updated To The Newest Version

I am quite sure that if I had not already allowed all by browser defaults to be reset to Microsoft recommendations, it would have occurred at this point, I’m guessing. If you have Google set as your default search and just went through your Bing Edge upgrade whether or not Google is still your default search? I’m guessing an upgrade big enough to integrate side-search is big enough to reset defaults. Or maybe the side-panel thing is to get around that so many people have. Tricky, Microsoft!

Here’s what the browser looks like when you activate the Bing side-panel. See? Even if you have your default address bar search set to Google, this gets around that to expose you to Bing Chat anyway. Bing side bar makes default search set to Google inconsequential.

Bing Side Bar Makes Default Search Set To Google Inconsequential

Trying it out… sort of.