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Boosting YouTube Watch Time / YouTube Analytics

As the last day of May approaches, I'm trying to figure out how to make extra money and boost my YouTube watch time and analytics. To do this, I need to understand my subject-matter, audience, and how to convey the love-worthiness of things. I'm also exploring the criss-crossing elements of success and how to teach a narcissist. Join me on my journey to figure out the answers.

Exploring How to Make Extra Money and Improve YouTube Analytics on the Last Day of May

By Michael Levin

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Last day of May. It’s March that comes in like a Lion. I got that so wrong on the videos. Just forge forward relentlessly. Also, show the nice people your YouTube metrics and your figuring out your next step. Don’t pander, but YouTube probably is my best prospect on having the supplementary income I require for going from $1500/mo rent to $2200/mo. Can you believe it? And that’s not even for living in Manhattan. That’s the suburban outer borough of Staten Island! Shit, I’ve got to tighten my belt and hunt.

Continue doing a kick-ass job “at the office”. Everything you do for your online presence and personal skills must also apply directly to doing a better job at work. The money I make at the “real” job is critical. I cannot sustain going unemployed for the stretch of time you’re supposed to be able to. And so do great work. That’s so important.

Okay, so work on boosting YouTube watch time. This is my current analytics:

Boosting Youtube Watch Time Analytics

So the question is, how to do that without compromise? How to do that while helping yourself in your day-job?