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Bring Back the Pipulate.com Website

I'm bringing back Pipulate.com with a new version that's similar to MikeLev.in/index.md. I'm finally able to make my ideas on FOSS SEO software come to life using Python - the ultimate tool for SEO. Come check out my blog post to find out more!

Bringing Pipulate.com Back to Life with Python and FOSS SEO Software

By Michael Levin

Monday, December 19, 2022

There are tools that are external to your body, and there are tools that are internal to your body, and the difference is in a combination of:

It’s a strange thing, but a big argument for not using proprietary software is that it remains external to your body. You can not incorporate it into your digital DNA and pass it on as a hereditary trait. You can with FOSS software, because licensing allows it. And if feature-churn is low, the mechanical skills of using the tools are hereditary as well, because muscle memory is a sort of a cache or lookup-table. Feature-churn breaks such lookup tables, because all the mappings change. People who learn the roads around where they grew up and then move to a new town know what I’m talking about with this mapping. FOSS software should be like the town you grew up in whose mappings remain forever useful because you carry the town around with you inside.

Okay, let’s nuke the pipulate.com site and put a new one in location.

I want Pipulate to be handled like MikeLev.in/index.md

Okay, I’ve wiped the gh-pages branch of pipulate and have the new in my set of files that I’m always editing all the time.

Okay, so I’ve been talking about FOSS SEO software for awhile now, and all the elements have finally come together in a way that I can bottle. It’s all the stuff I’ve been talking about for years, but now able to be magically incantationed into existence.

Python is the ultimate tool for SEO. All the things you can do in Python are amazing, but ultimately you are just expressing yourself. If you lack the words to execute on a technical project that you have in your head and can express in great detail verbally