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Bring Pipulate & Levinux Back Into The Picture

by Mike Levin

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

See how little time you can launch a new page on your new MikeLev.in site and restructure navigation.

Okay, switch your “About” link on your main nav to Levinux. Make a levinux.md page and put it in place. Move the about link to footer.

Okay, that went super-well. Do the same for pipulate.

I see now that the best thing to do is to develop pipulate.com and levinux.com both a little bit.

The pipulate.com site is terrible. But I’ve got to start differentiating my site with made-up words because I need to go the reputation route over the generic search term route. Google has just changed that much and my GSC data shows me that.

Focus on your day-job intensely as soon as you have your success here. I may even roll it back to the old navigation after the satisfaction of just seeing these 2 buttons ready to go. Use that flexibility! Move this over to the public journal. This stuff is of interest. Rapid manipulation a website thanks to a new minimal CSS framework.

Okay, but the Pipulate and Levinux pages aren’t ready. I can’t keep them on the main nav just yet. Move those links down to the footer to keep me aware of the urgent need. I need a clearer vision of where I’m going with all this.

The world is just changing so much! I’m super-glad I made my shift to Linux, Python, vim & git. That’s going to keep me relevant long into the future. But I have to use those things to develop Levinux and Pipulate into more mainstream things. And I need to get back my PyPI account access. 2FA really screwed me there.

The nbdev upgrade to version 2 really screwed me too, especially on my CMS system. I’m going to basically rebase it in a brand new repo. No, I was able to delete the contents of .gitattributes and I could git commit and push again. Okay, the old CMS skite repo is safe, but I have to revisit very soon.