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Bring Pipulate & Levinux Back Into The Picture

I'm restructuring my MikeLev.in website, developing Pipulate.com, and upgrading my CMS system. I'm also aware of the need to make Levinux and Pipulate more mainstream, and to get back my PyPI account access. Join me as I work to make these changes and more!

Restructuring My Website and Bringing Levinux & Pipulate Into the Spotlight

By Michael Levin

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

See how little time you can launch a new page on your new MikeLev.in site and restructure navigation.

Okay, switch your “About” link on your main nav to Levinux. Make a levinux.md page and put it in place. Move the about link to footer.

Okay, that went super-well. Do the same for pipulate.

I see now that the best thing to do is to develop pipulate.com and levinux.com both a little bit.

The pipulate.com site is terrible. But I’ve got to start differentiating my site with made-up words because I need to go the reputation route over the generic search term route. Google has just changed that much and my GSC data shows me that.

Focus on your day-job intensely as soon as you have your success here. I may even roll it back to the old navigation after the satisfaction of just seeing these 2 buttons ready to go. Use that flexibility! Move this over to the public journal. This stuff is of interest. Rapid manipulation a website thanks to a new minimal CSS framework.

Okay, but the Pipulate and Levinux pages aren’t ready. I can’t keep them on the main nav just yet. Move those links down to the footer to keep me aware of the urgent need. I need a clearer vision of where I’m going with all this.

The world is just changing so much! I’m super-glad I made my shift to Linux, Python, vim & git. That’s going to keep me relevant long into the future. But I have to use those things to develop Levinux and Pipulate into more mainstream things. And I need to get back my PyPI account access. 2FA really screwed me there.

The nbdev upgrade to version 2 really screwed me too, especially on my CMS system. I’m going to basically rebase it in a brand new repo. No, I was able to delete the contents of .gitattributes and I could git commit and push again. Okay, the old CMS skite repo is safe, but I have to revisit very soon.