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Center, A Poem

As a poet, I often feel off-center. I use my poetry to stay centered, but when I publish it, I'm too far left. To stay centered, I need to create a style definition that sets margin to auto and width to a percentage of the containing element, and put my styles inline. Even though the world is not perfect, I need to stay centered and put my styles inline to make sure my message is heard.

Staying Centered: Finding Balance Through Poetry and Inline Styling

By Michael Levin

Monday, May 23, 2022

I write poetry
And am often off-center
There’s some question of cause-and-effect.
I like to think my poetry helps keep me centered.
But when I publish it, I’m way too far left.
It turns out, you must first create a division.
If you want to keep centered, you need a centering divide.
Divide and center? Is that it? Is this a necessary step?
Sigh… yes, Charlie Brown. You must first divide.
Okay, okay, so I have a div. What next?
Find a place to put a style, in head or inline. I chose head.
Give your div some class. The class I chose is poem
Create a style definition for that class that sets margin to auto.
It also must set width to a percentage of containing element.
I am wrong. It should be inline. That way, there’s no dissociating.
Stay centered, my friend.
The world is not perfect.
Put your styles inline if that’s what you need
To get centered right now… when you need it.
Thank you.

—Mike Levin, 2022