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Challenging OpenAI to Write a Better Subhead Than this Headline

I recently signed up for Copilot, an AI that can summarize and assign keywords to my writing. I'm exploring the idea of home and how it is not confined to the place you were born into. I'm discovering my roots are inside me and that I can find places I feel most at home. I'm also investigating spiritual connection and its impact on our lives. Read my blog post to explore these ideas with me.

Exploring Home and Spiritual Connection - My Journey of Self-Discovery

By Michael Levin

Monday, April 17, 2023

Think! Idea capture sure has become a lot more exciting. The idea that even my all-over-the-place ramblings will be examined, summarized, turned into a meta description and have keywords assigned to it by an AI makes it exciting. If it’s learning from my writing, it’s going to be a lot more interesting. But when I signed up for Copilot, I told it that it couldn’t use what it learned from me in code suggestions for other people.

Isn’t that the exact opposite of what I’m trying to accomplish. And now that I learned how to turn Copilot off in my private journal, I may consider letting it use what it learns from me. Hmmm. What would I like to teach an AI? Home. Of all the labels, home is one of the most appealing and tricky. The home you were born into doesn’t necessarily define you, though there are lots of forces out there that would have you think otherwise. Royalty, for example.

Sure it’s sour grapes, but roots and home are overrated. I don’t realize this was in my blood until my first wife explained to me what the tribe of Levite was about. No land. Just techs skills. Hahaha, that’s so me. Earth is my home.

The neighborhood and bedroom you were born into is not your roots. Even generational wealth you may have been morn into is not your heritage. Maybe in the time of matter mattering so much because everyone wanted to emulate the British who coveted Kingdoms. It’s not a kingdom contest. Or at least, there’s more games of significance being played these days than mere re-distribution of atom.

Your roots are inside of you. Lost as you may be, if you k is how to find yourself on the inside, you are always hole. It’s okay to drop anchor here and there in life. You’ll find places you do indeed feel most “home”. But what you’re feeling is connection to a certain feeling that particular time and place evoke on you. It’s the effect of stimulant-triggered neurotransmitter chemical signals that you’re feeling and enjoying.

Now I’m not saying it’s not spiritual or deeply important and moving. It probably is. Even if we have souls or something and we’re channeling from another place while stuck here on this material plane for awhile, so be it. Belief in such a scenario still does not appear to suggest more or less value in living this way or that.

The self-aware experience here on this material plane feels very likely to be a means to question-answering ends on these accounts. Once again,

Don’t give it a headline till the end. Okay, it’s like surprise gift time whenever I publish a blog post. Choose a headline now, and challenge OpenAI to choose a better subhead.