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ChatGPT Helping Me Visualize The Future (Unknown Unknowns)

I'm using ChatGPT to help me visualize the future, tell stories, and articulate the Hero's Journey. I'm learning valuable lessons like it's never too late, and I'm pushing Linux, Python, vim, and git into the unconscious and automatic quadrant so I can use them like I use spoken language or driving. I'm testing to see if ChatGPT is really a game-changer.

Exploring the Unknown with ChatGPT: Learning Valuable Lessons and Pushing Myself Out of My Comfort Zone

By Michael Levin

Sunday, December 11, 2022

Well, that’s a pretty strong start with using ChatGPT to help me visualize the future. Vision and revision! AI fills in a lot of the story-telling parts that are not my strength. It won’t be long before it does the same with video editing through Python libraries. Be ready! Be right there doing the experiments.

As things move from the kooky fringes to the mainstream, I will not only help people see the significance, but also equip them to actually use the stuff! It’s as if Mickey’s Sorcerer’s Apprentice enthusiastically tried to teach Mickey the spells instead of scolding and being all old-guy harumpff about it.

Is ChatGPT really a game-changer like people are saying? I’m here testing it out just in case, because you’ve really got to judge the stuff behind the hype for yourself. Have an open mind. Don’t write it off as immediately detectable spam that Google’s going to have to get into an arms race over. There’s more to it than that.

The problem is that I fancy myself as creative and I resent the fact that ChatGPT can do things fast and easy that are difficult for me. This cohesive story, hitting all the elements that ironically enough “connect” with people, is what I’m not good at. Articulating the Hero’s Journey enough so that other people even realize that’s what they’re witnessing. ChatGPT does it better than me based on my quick experiments so far, for sure.

Okay, Elder SEO Mike Levin from NYC, go about your day as you really wish to. Get your place in very nice shape for the kid coming over. I’ll probably pick them up soon an they’ll stay until tomorrow night.

Absorb your lessons while you clean. Come back and update your notes here in this post as you go. Things are changing. Crossroads are approaching. The better prepared you are, the better the “second half” of your life will go. I’m in my early fifties and everything so far has been like taking a deep breath and getting ready. I haven’t even really started yet. I’m just starting to connect the dots. And those dots are:

It took me a long time to realize, garbage in, garbage out. Also, the metaphors:

And always the mention of rabbit holes, being able to detect them, being able to back out of them when they turn out too deep (or dangerous).

The first and arguably largest part of life is almost exclusively exploratory, collecting knowledge, experience, abilities and wisdom. Going down a lot of rabbit holes. It’s the first half of the explore/exploit algorithm, though that word exploit cold be better. I’m only just making the conscious decision to switch from the explore way of living life to the exploit way of living life, but perhaps we should call it the “applying what you’ve learned” way of life.

ChatGPT is factoring into this transition, interestingly.

Get the most out of ChatGPT now while it’s free. I’m in a unique position to push out a lot in my blog here and get my thoughts together, basically with the help of an AI.

Wow, I just tried to get ChatGPT to tell me the story about the suppression of Free Energy and Antigravity and it was slow getting started, but then started to tell me a story which abruptly stopped in the middle, seeming to hang up. Then subsequent tries told me that it didn’t know anything about it, LOL!

I can “feel” the new rules of the game settling in. There’s LOTS of voice-suppression now, thanks I believe in part to better sentiment analysis possible through machine learning. There’s a better “feel” for what quality is, and a similar better feel for what noise is so the engines can tweak things for a bitter signal-to-noise ratio.

I want to throw in figuring out the unknown unknowns here. I don’t talk about it a lot, but the known/unknown 4-quadrant grid is a great tool for self-examination, figuring out (humbly coming to grips with) quite how much falls into that quadrant of unknown unknowns. We’re all a lot dumber than we think. The Dunning-Kruger effect.

All this Linux, Python, vim & git stuff needs to be pushed to the unconscious and automatic quadrant of things we don’t know we know. Many things about Linux, Python, vim and git should be pushed into that quadrant muscle-memory quadrant. It’s like the spoken language or driving.

Most things equal out to a sort of white noise background white static or radiation sound. I think most things get statistically whitewashed so that nothing looks more interesting than average. And we can find little treasures of interest-holding uniqueness within the white noise. Not on average, but every once in awhile those outliers get organized and creative. Perchance a new pattern of behavior sets in, and the system is changed forever forward.

AI will surely be one of those things in not too long. These chatbots are impressive, and it’s very interesting to watch them get trained.