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Clarified Linux, Python, vim & git Mission on Homepage

I'm an expert in Linux, Python, vim & git and I'm promoting Literate Programming and its connection to Jupyter, Python and Markdown. On my homepage, I've collected my work and favorite articles to make my vision and message clear. Come check it out and see what I have to offer!

Promoting Literate Programming and My Vision for Linux, Python, Vim & Git on My Homepage

By Michael Levin

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Continue working on and refining your homepage messaging. Fix the background color rendering problem when using Chrome on Android 9. Make your site work well on most even semi-modern browsers and platforms, including the way it comes up embedded in LinkedIn and such. It appears to be fancy CSS feature issues like variables or order of operation errors.

I need to put myself on a very rigid path to productivity. People thing AIs will either do their work for them or take their work from them. Position yourself as the person with the right message for those portion of these people who are receptive to the Linux, Python, vim & git message. Find 80/20-rule wins.

Promote Literate Programming, and the Venn diagram it has with Jupyter, Python and Markdown.

Made lots of edits to my homepage as a result of this thought process. Clarified the Linux, Python, vim & git image.