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Developing Priceless and Timeless Tech Habits

As I learn to develop timeless habits for tech, I'm determined to become an active participant in the process. I'm sharing my own tips on how to get started and emphasizing the importance of simplicity. I'm proposing to show how to become comfortable with any hardware and virtual desktops, and encouraging the practice of entering flow state and writing. Join me on my journey to master tech and become an active participant.

Mastering Tech: My Journey to Become an Active Participant

By Michael Levin

Monday, September 12, 2022

I did a great video in the car yesterday about my theme and niche being the gradual internalization of the tools of our age, the way our ancestors internalized mitochondria and calcium. Today, we’re internalizing the tools of tech.

You can ether be an active participant in this process or a low-impact bystander. Now there’s nothing wrong with being a passive spectator, but for the spiritual money I spent for my seat in this game, I’m gonna play.

Mine is not the story of playing strong hand from the start or even compensating for disadvantage young. No, mine is the story of a slow start, false starts, more false starts, then realizing late in life what a good starting point that is.

It’s easy to stall out, and there are unlimited excuses to stay stalled out. Nobody’s coming but you to get you stared again—so it’s critical to internalize your own effective starters; and I’m going to share with you mine.

Complexity of the kickstart process is your enemy. Demoralization as you turn that ignition key because it doesn’t turn on is by definition a nonstarter. This will happen because the car itself changes.

Of all the things “done to you”, this is one of the easiest to do something about. Start crushing those variables that change the kickstart process. Develop habits that are timeless and priceless.

I propose to show how to be comfortable in a meaningful long-term muscle memory way on any hardware that provides Virtual Desktops and Full Screen mode. This is your vehicle, and I will show you the ignition.

Have a fullscreen text editor in command-line interface mode on virtual screen one. In this window have a single text file that you keep for life. Update it frequently. Back it up well. Organize it to help.

Practice achieving flow state and enter into the zone. Write and write some more and write for hours. You will now believe what you think and know—and know you need if you only let yourself process the thoughts.

As you settle in, know that while this feels like home, it’s a home on wheels. You can carry it to Mac, Windows, GNOME, KDE or any other desktop computing environment in the future.

View the desktop environment of your OS as an empty shim with nothing but a Net connection, virtual screens for fullscreen apps and a taskbar for switching between them—little more.