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Embedding YouTube Video Thumbnails on Github.io Pages

by Mike Levin

Friday, August 20, 2021

Hello World! I’m streaming again. This time, back in my main journal. I’ll try to stay pure about an advancing story in Mike At Eleven. Honestly, that site is to reach out to my daughter and to start the steady slow build on YouTube that I know I can accomplish as sort of a side-gig without hardly trying. I know that because I’m at about 10K viewers without really trying. And now by having some discipline about daily publishing and processing my ideas, I’ll be releasing a lot of built-up potential. Anyhoo, there’s a few refinements I couldn’t wait until tonight at 11 to do. Namely, YouTube video trimming because now they have an editor, and this streaming stuff is new to me, so I’m showing OBS and the YouTube “start streaming” screen more than I want at the beginning and end of videos…

Ugh! I can’t get to the Editor button like that video says is supposed to be there. I may have to do that immediately after livestreaming, or perhaps a few hours past after YouTube is done all its backend processing on different resolutions or such. Anyway, I’ll got to the next quick edit I want to do, which is to embed the respective YouTube videos on each journal entry. I experimented with that on my tictacufosightings site…

Okay, I have today’s to do too…

You’ll see me get better at my vim skills too as I have to do certain tasks more often. Copy and paste with outside software (OS copy/paste buffers) is often a challenge with vim. Gotta get some fancy maneuvers into your fingers. And it’s different between Mac and Windows.

Gotta remember to push up the git commits to make better use of time when demonstrating these things to you…

That was a strange feedback loop. I have to make sure I have my video IDs correct. But as you saw I took the opportunity to add markdown headlines. There’s a lot of good SEO going on in these sites too, especially long-tail principles as I keep it on one page. That may change in the future as I add Jupyter Notebook side-folders to do fancy tricks.

Anyhow, that’ll do it for now. Oh, let me add a to-do list with a special jump “link”. There’s actually link/tags in vim, but I don’t use them. I prefer unique text (usually prefixed with underscores) at the top of the document…

And now whenever I’m anywhere in that journal, I just jump to top with _jxp, hen I find _jxp, nit “w” to go to next-word and shift 8 to find next occurrence.

Okay, that’s where I’ll stop. I’ve got:

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