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Every Little Project Gets Done!

I recently changed the name of my project to ELTgd (Every Little Thing Gets Done) to push myself to do more and practice my vim skills. I'm also using whatsametafor.io to document my progress. Click through to read more about my journey and how I'm getting things done!

Pushing Myself to Do More: My Journey to ELTgd (Every Little Thing Gets Done)

By Michael Levin

Friday, April 29, 2022

UPDATE: I changed ELPGD to the extremely similar but better “vibed” ELTgd for “Every Little Thing gets done”. But the article and associated thought process still applies. I’ll extract my latest mantras and put them on this site’s homepage.

Wow, what a day. Every Little Project Becomes Doable.

ELPGD is much stronger because it’s like “Help, God!”. I have no problem with writing the name God, even though it makes my legs get a little weak. Superstition! Not in God, but rather in the wrongness of writing the word. Symbols are symbols. Show proper respect, but don’t do ridiculous superstitions to “protect” yourself. It’s not blasphemy.

Project ELPGD!

Part of project ELPGD is a sort of forging ahead I have been remiss to do in the past, oh say 15 years, for a thousand little reasons. There’s always 1000 little reasons things don’t get done and only 1 reason they do: you use your abilities as a human being to dispense with each and every one of those little things that attempt to stop you. It’s not like it’s deliberate attempts to stop you. It’s just human nature and life. So what you do is you contend with the more base animalistic sides of being human and all the expected snafus and foibles of life. Expect everything to go wrong and expect for yourself to have to rise to the occasion.

Okay, so journaling like this is exactly one of those things you do to keep yourself on track. I’m practicing vim with every journal entry. I’m practicing thinking with every journal entry. I can start out in my personal journal as I did with this one, then copy/paste the entry into one of the public journals.

I actually modified one of my .vimrc macros to make this easier. Previously the stuff I did to format the date nuked the copy/paste buffers so I couldn’t copy from my private journal, go to a public journal, use my macro to make a new journal entry (that would nuke the buffer) then paste what I just copied.

Now I can.

That was a macro that I had for years. And for anyone who manages complex vim macros, you know it can be quite a pain to modify them from the middle. Sometimes it’s easier to re-record the whole thing.

That is until you realize that macros go into the a through z buffers just like… oh wait! This entry belongs on my linuxpythonvimgit.com site! Ugh, just too fatigued at the end of a long day and a long week.

Just keep it in mind to document later. Right now, it’s what whatsametafor.io is for.