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Every Little Thing Is Becoming Easy

Today I was able to make a few easy tweaks to my 15 active websites, and I added a make_helpers.py script to my release script. I also figured out how to navigate to my .vimrc file with the command :b~[Tab], and I'm feeling good about the progress I'm making. Read more to find out how I achieved these results.

Making Progress on My Websites and Navigating Vim Easier Than Ever

By Michael Levin

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

I have all 15 of my registered sites active now. Pipulate and Levinux, two of my oldest, still need a little work. I also want to do a few light touches that take advantage of the power I now have. Let me go center the nave element across all 15 (well, really 13) sites… okay, done. Yep, compounding returns is starting to happen. Now, keep tension in the machinery. Oh, get a few metaphors down. Consider moving them (finally) into WhatsaMetaFor.io…

Okay, done. Now center my navigation across all sites and tweak its size a bit bigger… done and done.

Incorporate an RSS or Atom feed via Github Pages / Jekyll… Okay, done. Thanks to Dzhavat

And next change the home link of every site to the site’s title. Done.

Nahhh, the title is too long. Ad apex to _config.yml and the homepage link to the apex domain. Done and done.

Wow, it was all remarkably easy. My release script I edit right along with the journal files, along with my .vimrc. The question is whether I add this new make_helpers.py script to that line-up. Sure, I’m already up to 17 files total. What’s the difference between 17 and 18? So what position? Well, I’ve nicknamed :blast, because that’s both the vim command to get to it, and the conceptual idea of what happens when you run it. So :blast isn’t changing. And I can get to the .vimrc file quite easily with :b~/.vimrc, which because it’s so unique I can actually do :b~[Tab] so I don’t need to reserve a special place for it. That will make it the 3rd position back. So make_helpers.py becomes the 2nd-to-last position.