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Fear Sells. Don't Buy It.

As an employee, I learned the importance of making myself invaluable to my employer and helping others reach their aspirations. I need to have an indomitable spirit and be Teflon like the Gipper, and most importantly, I should make sure that everything I do drives more customers. Read my blog post to learn more about how to make yourself invaluable to your employer.

Be Indomitable and Make Yourself Invaluable: How to Drive More Customers

By Michael Levin

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

This is my first journal entry with Copilot turned on, haha! Is it going to start suggesting stuff in a journal.markdown file that’s 65K lines long. Let’s see what it tries to do. Nothing so far. Open another vim session to a .py file and ensure that Copilot’s really there. It is. There’s going to be something different about the environment.

I’ve also made the Microsoft Terminal window transparent so that my logo shows through as I’m doing this sort of journaling. Wow is this going to change the flavor of the videos. Check a smaller markdown file to see what Copilot does…

Watching this right now, courtesy of a friend and boss of recent years:

What am I going to do, haha! We are going to reach SciFi futures in my life. Don’t be scared. Live it, love it! Reduce frustration of not being able to do what you’ve wanted to do. Project your imagination into the future.

Superpowers! I can draw already, but imagine how much better I’m going to be able to draw with AI. Drawing, writing and all the creative stuff. And I don’t even have to worry about other people getting good at my thing, because I’m not really that great at anything. Maybe the thing I’m good at is precisely this.

The thing I want to do is take those steps so that I don’t lose my job and so that the my share of the misery is less than the average. Societally we have a lot of anger and doom we’re going to go through, but we’re going to get through it, and things are going to re-balance.

Don’t let the doom-and-gloomers get you down. They’re just trying to tell you how they feel about themselves deep inside, because they’re not one of the ones actively working to make the world better. Pessimism becomes self-fulfilling… for them. Their pessimism is not self-fulfilling for me. My optimism is self-fulfilling for me. The world’s full of a shitload of reflections and a shitload of people trying to sew their reflections onto you like Wendy sewing on Peter Pan’s shadow.

Okay, so the main thing is going to be to make your employer benefit profoundly by having you on staff. Today was a good start. That compounding effect and snowballing effect became more real because I visualized today’s results and actually did the Cialdini commitment and consistency trick and made it happen.

Do some profoundly valuable work. Make yourself invaluable.

Help others. Help others achieve their aspirational goals with your drinkme script.

Hmmm, it’s midnight. Get to sleep. But more important than anything else now is plan out tomorrow to build upon today to get that snowball rolling and to get the accumulating mass of your endeavor to compound.

Different approach than other people… differentiate yourself. No problem there, LOL!

Provide an achievable aspirational path. Make it work for you and show other people the way. Reach everyone and for those who balk at it and for whom it’s not for, don’t worry. There will be plenty for whom it is.

And when it comes to your employer’s customers, just make sure everything you do drives more customers. Let the proof be in the pudding. And don’t let other people’s fear about trying new things prevent you from showing others how to try new things.

There are those who hang onto sinking ships because of fear and it’s all they know. Don’t be one of them. If you find yourself on a sinking ship, slap on a superpower suit and save some folks.

Care. Empathy. Creative problem solving. Indomitable spirit. And be Teflon as the Gipper.