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Fernando Corbato, Ken Tohompson & Linux Torvals, Oh My!

Explore my Linux Wonderland, an idea inspired by the individuals who made star-nix possible: Fernando Corbato, Ken Thompson, and Linus Torvalds. I'm creating projects under starnix, doing long-running scripts that run in the context of Linux services called daemons. See how this approach to tech is now as big as webdev, thanks to the Windows Subsystem for Linux, W. Come join me on this journey!

Explore my Linux Wonderland: A Journey Inspired by Fernando Corbato, Ken Thompson, and Linus Torvalds

By Michael Levin

Saturday, February 11, 2023

This is just jotting down an idea for my homepage.

I’d rather be one of these guys, but I’m not:

Fernando Corbato, Ken Thompson, Linus Torvalds. These are the individuals who made *nix possible. Star-nix is such a pain because the asterisk has special meaning in markdown so you need to put a backslash in front of it. To the *nix community, that alone is enough reason for yet another naming joke. Nobody’s typing asterisknix. It’s not even technically accurate because LinUx. So if we’re fibbing anyway, why not starnix? It’s the new star of the show, and starnux just sounds off. So, starnix it is in my new world I’m inventing and trying to drag you along into… a Linux Wonderland. No, it’s still mostly Linux because systemd. Abbreviate this to the most cause-helping essence and use it on your homepage under Keanu.

I should be able to send text like this as an email and it should auto-publish here. Basically posts like this, title, text and even embedded pictures should be able to be published right here by me sending an email from a particular email address to a particular email address.

That’s a project I should do right away because it’s an idea-capture machine and the first template of a Linux daemon automation that sets the example for and enables other obviously valuable automations that don’t fall under the annoying umbrella of WebDev. Not every project needs a webserver, people. Sometimes you can just schedule a thing. Or have something continually running. Or it can even just be long-running, because as a service it’ll be automatically restarted once it exits the program.

So that’s the bonus for people who came and read this because of those names. Those are the all-star-nix. Or is that the all-starnix? Well, you get the triple entendre.

I will be doing projects under starnix that are generally scheduled or long-running scripts that we can run in the context of Linux services called daemons, and this approach to tech is now as big as webdev because the population at large can flock onto Linux in a way they’ve never been able to before, because Windows Subsystem for Linux, WSLg in particular, a very new version that was only just made available for Windows 10, thus unifying the new Linux-Awesome experience that Microsoft made only to the small number of users moved to Windows 11. The vast majority of machines out there are still Widows 10 as of this writing, showing Microsoft really flubbed this upgrade cycle. It’s not quite Vista-level, but Windows 11 is blech! And so WSLg backports to Windows 10, and so now everybody can Drink Me.