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Figure Out Why vim Journaling is an Asset

I'm passionate about free and open source software and determined to stay independent from big companies. Join me in my live interactive chat session to journal about tech and explore the possibilities of OpenAI's ChatGPT. I'm also advocating for the use of Linux and other FOSS tools to help developers stay free and independent. Come join me and learn more!

Discover the Benefits of Vim Journaling and FOSS Tools to Stay Independent

By Michael Levin

Monday, February 13, 2023

I don’t do slick videos. I like to journal. So in the same way that people will watch others gaming online, doing play-through and such, I’m going to just make an big ol’ live interactive chat session of a journaling session with you here each day while I’m finished with one job and before another job has begun. I’ve got a lot of energy to put into things. Now I’ve made it eminently clear that intended to get out in front of people regarding SEO, and my passion free and open source SEO software, in particular. Irons are hot with AIs busting onto the scene now in the first meaningful in our lives way that history will forever now record as ChatGPT from OpenAI and not Google.

Why? Because fear. Because as Moon-shotty as it may talk, Google is at heart a deeply conservative company because AdWords pay-per-click revenue. It’s not the way the world necessarily works. It’s the way the world works because of a fluke and an anomaly of history that it was Google and not AltaVista or GoTo.com, each of which brought a fundamental building block of Google’s success to the market before Google. What’s often unspoken is that bravery matters. Big, brave moves that puts your reputation, at least momentarily on the line, is required for big steps forward. Remember Microsoft’s rapidly corrupted Tay ChatBot? Microsoft’s no stranger to having some mud in their face. Their diversified income sources make them more brave than Google.

Google is not so shy in publishing their breakthroughs like transformers or their code like Chromium which competitors are free to pick up and use against them, and which Microsoft does with such seasoned expertise. Wow, how fast that blue light saber turns red in the grasp of new blue. Blue because Azure. Who even remembers that Big Blue used to mean IBM?

Microsoft doesn’t only use Google’s generously provided FOSS tools against them. Microsoft is also happy to use the entire free and open source software’s central jewel, Linux, against itself. Get people familiarized enough with Linux but only in just enough ways so that you maintain a Microsoft dependency. It is paramount for example that nobody get acquainted with ssh, git or vim. No worries, we’ll eliminate the need to actually know ssh or git through veatures in our VSCode text editor, which is built on the Google Electron platform, LOL!

It’s almost humorous the number of places Microsoft dependency pitfalls are coded into the modern tech learning experience. All roads lead to Microsoft, except for the Apple ones. But the Apple roads are little better, enormously proprietary as they are. A developer, or even just a literate coder, is best served being on a nice, modern Linux with a nice modern software repository. You don’t need no Microsoft dependencies. Oh, except for Github… for now. Let’s get on with a modern developer’s life who’s hell-bent on not letting Microsoft, or any vendor really, own my soul.

My tools be mostly my tools, or at least, everybody’s through its liberal FOSS licensing. That’s one of the things so magical about Linux. That philosophy is infused into everything from the operations system up.

Okay, that’s a good place to talk. Just talk about tech. The history of tech with ChatGPT & Mike. ChatGPT is my Hecklefish! Hahahaha!