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Figuring Out Which Saw To Keep Sharp

As I look for ways to stay marketable and increase my economic value, I'm exploring the use of AI as an agent with my login credentials. SEO has become my purpose and I'm researching the potential of new technologies like ChatGPT to bridge the gap between what people can do and what machines can do. Join me as I dive into this research and discover how AI can help me stay ahead of the curve.

Exploring AI to Stay Ahead of the Curve and Increase Economic Value

By Michael Levin

Saturday, January 28, 2023

I’m doing what I need to do to keep my skills sharp, broadly applicable and marketable. I always need to be able to trade the things I’m capable of doing for other things of economic value. I have to be good at it and able to do things that others at large are not capable of doing. This is that “moat” of which Warren Buffett looks for in a good investment.

ChatGPT and things like it make the moat shallower and narrower. People of average but perhaps budding abilities can take the step after the step that would have previously foiled them. There’s a lot of projects like that, foiled at the first step. Well, I’m going to tell you a joke. Psst! Why did the AI never take over the world? It couldn’t get past an OAuth2 prompt.

LOL! If you get it, you get it. If you don’t, that’s where I step in to help you. You see, things aren’t entirely like they’re being made out to be in the YouTubes and other media regarding AI. Well, maybe half is the truth. The other half is those who are jealous of anyone with greater capabilities than themselves going nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah! Now that AIs can do it, they have an excuse for being lazy because they could never better themselves better than a machine could on that same topic. Even surgery’s on the table.

Okay, let me ask you this. ChatGPT or something like it as an “outside agent”, something living “in the cloud” needs your login to answer some-such question. It can’t just run code it writes in the context of being you. Or could it? Would you let it? We’ve given up so many freedoms of privacy already in cloud services being so awesome. Do you become dependent as a human on a particular AI tech? You already are on other human-made tech like electricity and civilization. How far do we take AIs working as actual agents of us with login credentials and all?

In other words, sure AI can write your code. But can it run it as you? Can it give you results and actually improve your life today, or is it only really some sort of Robbie the Robot chat companion who knows a lot and can teach? If it’s role shifts from doing-for-us to just helping teach us and us learning more, better and faster than we could without, then sign me up. Methinks me will drink deeply of this Ironman mech-suit that has suddenly fallen into our phones and onto our desktops.

Surrogate robot parents who do your taxes and let you focus on your TikTok’ing where you’re really promoting your side-hustle so you can do better than the Universal Income is providing now thanks to AI and Fusion. The fusion of fusion with AI is bigger than all but hardcore scifi buffs and engineers think about all the time. Edge-of-

See, I never needed to learn how to code, because programming is dead as a career now that AIs can do it, so you’re like a horse and buggy driver.

It also can’t be the sort of things that others with a little help from ChatGPT and things like it still can’t do so easily.

My future is still in search engine optimization and things like it. But I need to zero in on the love-worthy in the very near term. I need to infuse a big whopping load of motivation and inspiration into my work-flow. I need to fight off the funk and remind myself how good I am at this sort of stuff by tackling the project I most want to do. I should lock-in on it right now and share it with the public for whatever public cred-building it could be worth.

In the field of search engine optimization (SEO), I sometimes felt like an icky guy. But in the tools, I found ikigai. b