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Finally Got Through Bing Waiting List

Today I finally accessed Bing's 'New Topic' button and asked it questions about Mike Levin SEO and why math is difficult for many people. Bing told me that Mike is a Senior SEO Director at Ziff Davis and believes in digital marketing, open source software, and Linux and Python. It also gave me an explanation of equations and inequalities, and how to solve them using various methods. I'm excited to share my findings and help others understand equations and inequalities better. Click to read more!

Finally Accessed Bing's 'New Topic' Button - Unveiling Mike Levin SEO and Math Solutions!

By Michael Levin

Monday, February 20, 2023

Finally talking to the new Bing. Encountering it’s “New topic” button usage insistence, effectively erasing its memory.

Hey Bing: Who is Mike Levin SEO?

Mike Levin is a Senior SEO Director at Ziff Davis1, PCMag’s parent company. He is also an author of a FOSS SEO Book and a YouTube channel on Linux, Python, vim and git. He has been working in the field of SEO for over 25 years.

Hey Bing: What more can you tell me about Mike Levin SEO?

Mike Levin SEO is a technology enthusiast who started his career at Commodore Computers. He is interested in Linux, Python, vim and git as tools to future-proof his tech-skills against AI. He has written several articles for PCMag on topics such as SEO, web development and online marketing. He also has a Twitter account where he shares his insights and opinions on SEO and technology.

Hey Bing: What are Mike Levin SEO’s beliefs?

Mike Levin SEO’s beliefs are not very clear from the web results. However, based on his articles and posts, he seems to believe in digital marketing, open source software, Linux and Python as ways to succeed in SEO and technology. He also seems to care about raising his daughter and preparing her for a future with AI.

Hey Bing: What are some of Mike Levin’s articles?

There are some articles by Mike Levin SEO on PCMag, such as:

  1. The Best SEO Tools
  2. How to Create a Website
  3. How to Register a Domain Name for Your Website

There are also some articles by another Mike Levin who is a biologist at Tufts University, such as:

  1. Is Bioelectricity the Key to Limb Regeneration?
  2. New Clues about the Origins of Biological Intelligence

Whoah I just discovered the “Copy” feature under the 3-dots of Bing’s conversational results. It formats it well for web publishing!

Hey Bing: Why is math difficult for so many people?

Math can be difficult for many people for various reasons. Some of the common ones are:

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Hey Bing: What is the most important first concept to start with in Math?

The most important first concept to start with in math may depend on your grade level and prior knowledge. For example, some of the major math concepts that kids learn in grades 1-2 are¹:

If you are more advanced, you may want to start with algebra basics, such as⁴:

What grade level are you in?

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Hey Bing: Tell me about equations and inequalities

Equations and inequalities are both mathematical sentences that relate two expressions to each other³. An equation expresses the equality of two expressions through the equals sign (=), while an inequality expresses an unequal relationship between two expressions using symbols like >, <, ≥, or ≤¹².

For example:

You can solve equations and inequalities by using various methods such as:

Do you want to see some examples of solving equations and inequalities?

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