Fixing Jupyter Desktop Set Python Environment Error Message

by Mike Levin

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

I’m currently JupterLab-Desktop 3.3.4-2 and got an error message I hadn’t seen since the last version 3.3.4-1 I had to skip (because of this error). But I got it spontaneously on the latest version I’ve been using for months and I can’t let JupyterLab Desktop get taken away from me, so I decided to fix it.

Would have liked to have gotten back to LXD.

In my attempt to fix the Jupyter Desktop Set Python Environment problem, I:

And that “registered” the new Python 3.10.5 kernel with JupyterDesktop and it’s now my default (yay!)

To get JupyterLab working again, I believe it was a result of deleting the JupyterLab config file:


Found in a Windows path like:


I am sorry I had to break this into two videos and that I went the long way in fixing it. However, I’m very happy I’m on Python 3.10.5 in JupyterLab now.

Perhaps it was providence that it spontaneously stopped working (giving that Jupyter Desktop Set Python Environment error).

Part 1: The Failure

Part 2: The Success

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